Neighbor Reveals Transgender Shop Teacher At Oakville Trafalgar High School Rarely Dresses As A Woman Outside Of Classroom

Controversy and outrage have recently surrounded Oakville Trafalgar High School, located in Canada, after pictures and videos of their transgender shop teacher went viral.

The biological male going by the name of Kayla Lemieux wears massive prosthetic breasts to teach his students. But according to one neighbor of Lemieux, he rarely wears them outside of school. “He puts the breasts on to teach, occasionally when he goes for a walk or when the cops visit,” said the neighbor.

This has sparked more questions from parents about why Lemieux would dress up like a woman at school but not ever appear dressed as such outside of it.

Some parents have even gone so far as to suggest that this behavior is unprofessional and offensive. In response, The Halton District School Board claims that preventing him from wearing these fake breasts with giant protruding nipples would result in “considerable liability”.

And yet some parents are still concerned about why their children need to be exposed to this kind of behavior in the first place.

The board’s decision only serves to further highlight how liberal agendas have become more accepted than conservative ones in recent years – particularly when it comes to issues surrounding gender identity and expression. This isn’t just an issue in schools either; we see it playing out everywhere from pop culture all the way up through politics.

It’s almost as if there is no room for any other opinion besides those who support transgender rights – which could be seen as an example of censorship or political correctness gone too far – or worse yet, indoctrination into radical ideologies without opposition or debate being allowed on either side.

Furthermore, many conservatives feel that allowing teachers like Lemieux can blur the lines between appropriate classroom conduct and grooming our children into accepting certain beliefs without question – especially since they don’t allow teachers with opposing views within their classrooms either (students were warned against capturing video or images of this teacher). This begs us all to ask what kind of message are we sending our kids here?


At best, it feels like children may be getting groomed by progressive ideals instead of given unbiased education on both sides; at worst, it feels like indoctrination into radical ideologies without discussion welcomed from opponents or dissenters alike – something completely antithetical to what education should be about: learning how make informed decisions for yourself based on facts and open-mindedness rather than believing something simply because someone told you do so without giving you any reasonable explanation why you should believe it!