NBC’s Todd Worries That Dems Won’t Be Able Win Unless Trump Runs In 2024

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During the panel discussion on Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press, host Chuck Todd expressed concern about whether Democrats would still be able to win areas like Arizona and Georgia without former President Donald Trump. This is a type of admission by leftist media figures like Todd that they are using Trump as a tool of distraction to bash Republicans and divert attention away from the destructive agenda of the left.

You can’t tell me this isn’t deranged. Todd’s looking into the future and panicking that they will eventually not have Trump to use as some sort of tool to scare liberal voters.

Todd turned to panelist and NBC political analyst Cornell Belcher and expressed his concerns for the future of the Democrat Party if Trump goes away: “the victorious Democratic coalition of the last I’d say ’18, ’20, ’22, so three cycles in a row, Donald Trump’s played a huge part in it.”

“If Donald Trump is not there, how concerned are you about carrying places like an Arizona and a Georgia? Todd asked.

Belching up an answer in response, Belcher replied: “part of the problem is that if Donald Trump isn’t there, look. Look at the base of the Republican Party and who is choosing these nominees. Herschel Walker was such a terrible candidate.”

He speculated that since “Republican primary voters picked him” as well as the “terrible Trump candidates,” in Arizona, Belcher believes that “even if Trump doesn’t go away, I still like the odds that they’re going to continue to pick these Trump-like individuals.”

Continuing to smear the Republican candidates in Arizona, Belcher huffed that “[Blake] Masters and this sort of anti-semitism, racist, you know, replacement theory crap that you get from Donald Trump, you’re getting from an awful lot of these Republican candidates.”


All Todd and this panel proved was that even after Trump is out of the political spotlight, they fully intend to use him, and his supporters, to ‘persuade’ liberal voters.




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