Nazism Gets Foothold: State Requires ‘Papers” To Enter Businesses and Churches

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Papers, please. Could vee see your papers, please?

The state of Oregon lifted its face mask mandate for people who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19. At the same time, they created a Nazi-like rule that businesses and churches must now act as agents to the state by requiring people who wish to enter their dwellings without wearing a mask to provide proof that they were vaccinated.

The newly minted agents of the state of Oregon (without compensation) must then review the documentation provided to make sure that it is authentic.

Will there be penalties if they don’t do that or if they do a cursory review of the papers provided and the COVID Gestapo comes along and finds out that someone in their business or house of worship has forged documents? Will there be angry customers to have to deal with thanks to the new rules?

These are the questions it appears no one is answering. And why wouldn’t people be angry? They did their “civic duty,” and they got vaccinated but now they’re being called liars and a burden of proof has been handed down on them.

Does anyone else think that this chaos and confusion and the anger that it will bring by forcing people to provide proof of vaccination is being done intentionally so that after much complaining the government can then say “We have the answer; let’s create a vaccine passport?”

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did a sudden 180 degree turn and announced that fully vaccinated Americans are allowed to go outdoors and in most indoor settings without wearing a mask.

The Oregon Health Authority updated its mask guidelines on Tuesday:

“All businesses, employers and faith institutions are required to continue to apply and enforce the mask, face-covering and face shield guidance, and physical distancing requirements in state COVID-19 guidance to all individuals,” the guidance orders.

The business, employer, and faith institution can allow individuals without face masks and not enforce social distancing if the institution has a “policy for checking for proof of vaccination status of individuals.” Papers, please. May vee see your papers, please?

So now, the vaccinated people of Oregon must present their papers to get into a building and the building staff must demand “proof of vaccination status from each individual” and then take the time to review each person’s papers to see if they are the genuine article. Can you imagine trying to get into a rock concert?

I have a silly question. Is Oregon still in the United States of America? I mean, I understand that Portland is there and all but are the people of Oregon really so stupid that they would put up with this?

Whether paranoid or fascistic, the people of Oregon who make these rules up declared that people who are fully vaccinated must continue to wear masks and do the whole social distancing thing on public transportation, in hospitals and clinics, schools, homeless shelters, prisons, and long-term care facilities.

The question on any sane person’s mind is why? Why do people who are fully vaccinated have to continue to wear masks anywhere at all?

This is the government of Oregon declaring that every resident of Oregon is a natural-born liar and so they are not to be trusted when they say that they are fully vaccinated. And they still have to wear masks and social distance in certain circumstances even if they can provide proof that they’re fully vaccinated.

This decision to require proof of vaccination came after nutty cable news pundits whined on the air about being terrified of being around the great unwashed not wearing masks, complaining that they would be the ones who are abusing the new guidelines by not wearing a mask even though they did not get vaccinated.

They don’t believe in an honor system because quite frankly there’s no honor in Oregon society anymore. That’s what they want you to believe.

A rational system would be if you are fully vaccinated you should not have to worry about people who are not fully vaccinated because you are fully protected. That’s what vaccines do.

It’s why we have them. On the other end of the spectrum, if people are fully vaccinated and do not wear their masks, people who are not fully vaccinated and are wearing a mask should not be wetting their pants. The Left tells us that masks work even though that goes against all the known science, but still.

Dr. Leana Wen, former head of Planned Parenthood and a CNN analyst, applauded the decision to require proof of vaccination, “Oregon has it right—honor system can’t be trusted.” And there you have it.

The former head of the Politically Correct Death Squad just said that the honor system cannot be trusted. And who else would liberals listen to than the former head of Planned Parenthood? #SMH

Apparently, some people have the same concerns that I voiced previously about making business owners and clergy agents of the state.

“We have serious concerns about the practicality of requiring business owners and workers to be the enforcer,” Nathaniel Brown, a spokesman for Oregon Business and Industry told the New York Times. “We are hearing from retailers and small businesses who are concerned about putting their frontline workers in a potentially untenable position when dealing with customers.”

So all that seriousness about HIPPA medical privacy laws went out the window the minute the Left realized they could get rid of Trump by exploiting a virus with a 99 percent survival rate.

People have the right to not have to reveal health information to private businesses and if we allow people to be forced to violate their own HIPPA rights, then you can imagine the Pandora’s box that the totalitarian Left will open.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who are both Republicans, have banned any government-mandated COVID-19 vaccine passport ideas.

It looks like we are going to be a divided nation after all. People who want to live in freedom with the right to take responsibility for their own lives will live in red states and those who don’t mind a totalitarian government providing a dystopian experience will live in blue states.




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