Nancy Pelosi’s Obituary for Impeachment #2 is like a Wile E. Coyote Cartoon Only Funnier

Nancy Pelosi, aged Speaker of the House and Far-Left radical Democrat from California, Aunt to disgraced Governor of California Gavin Newsome, the queen of the “Nasty Women”, who are known for their resistance of the American Republic, made a rage fill appearance on Saturday after her second impeachment failure against very popular President Donald J. Trump.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denounced the senators who made Donald Trump’s acquittal possible as a ‘cowardly group of Republicans’ and blamed McConnell for not allowing the House to deliver the impeachment charge to the Senate while Trump was still in the White House,” Reuters reported on the matter.

The second impeachment is dead.  It is over. Pelosi in her way eulogized the passing of her fantasy by making a fool out of herself in public again.

Pelosi tried to upstage a press conference by Mitch McConnell, her peer in the Senate, by calling a last minute press conference to rage at Senators who did not go along with her attempts to cancel Trump and his supporters. In a way it was funny.

On Saturday after a ridiculous Senate hearing, US Senate members voted to acquit Trump, as in, let him go.

Pelosi appeared to have been tired or drinking, glassy-eyed, slurred speech, and also muffled from behind a thinking face covering, but the intent of her message was clear, she was mad that so few people take her obsessive hatred for Trump seriously enough to betray the American people who don’t hate Trump.

Pelosi said tried to shame the elected servants in the Senate who voted in representation of their constituents, and who chose to respect law and order.

In the video below is seen Pelosi raging and scratching at paper, mocking other representatives,  flipping her hands around and even slamming her hands down on her podium in an act of aggressive and threatening behavior.

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Pelosi attempts to shame Senators for killing her dream impeachment by scolding them for not protecting their jobs or the institution in which they serve, with no regard for the fact that they represent states and not a building.

“Imagine that it [ the building] was vandalized in so many bad ways that I will not even go in to, and that they did not respect their institute.  The President of the Senate, Mike Pence was in danger and they just dismissed that,” Pelosi said. “Because why?  Because maybe they can’t get another job?” Pelosi said.

As if she can get another job?  As if voting how the voters want them to vote is something to be ashamed of? Pelosi is illogical and nutty in the defense of her fantasy impeachment.

“The cowardly Senators,” Pelosi slamming her hand down. “Who can’t face what the President did. And what was at stake for our country. They were afraid he would get a slap on the wrist?” She said hitting her own hand. ” We censure people for using the wrong stationery for the wrong purpose we can’t censor people for killing people in the Capitol,” Pelosi said and then stomped off.


It has already been floated that Pelosi has plans still to try to block Trump from running for office again using other legal tactics, which may or may not come to fruition. Most people accept that she doesn’t have anything else to do with her time but stalk Trump and his supporters.

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Pelosi has been unsuccessful numerous times in her attempt to harm Trump, while she herself has been censured for her haughty behavior that put all of DC in danger.

Earlier in the month, Pelosi refused to respect law enforcement concerns in blatant disregard for other member’s safety concerns.

The Hill reported:

“A group of Republicans is calling for Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to be fined after they say she failed to abide by newly implemented rules requiring members to go through metal detectors before entering the House chamber.

Republicans on the House Administration Committee sent a letter to Acting Sergeant-at-Arms Timothy Blodgett on Friday requesting the fine, arguing Pelosi should have to abide by the new rule that she pushed to implement.

“Yesterday, at approximately 9:59 am, multiple members observed the Speaker of the House entering the House Chamber without completing security screening,” the Republicans wrote on Friday.

“What was observed was a clear violation of House Resolution 73 and you are required by House  Rules to impose this fine. Please inform us once the fine has been assessed,” they added. “We look forward to a prompt response to this inquiry.”

One thing is for sure, watching Pelosi try to figure out how to catch Trump is better than the best Road Runner and Coyote.

You know I am right.

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Old hag give it up time to retire. The truth will prevail you democrats willfall on your faces. God bless President Trump & his family.


I bet nancy did not go thru the metal detectors was she was afraid it would go off and reveal her pocket flask?

Jerome from Layton

Maybe she has an implant? Wonder who controls it?


This woman needs to be put away where she can’t be heard or seen. She is a sickening person. Can’t even call that a woman. We elected someone that will never help out Americans. He prefers to help out people who have never paid one penny of taxes here but yet they receive everything for free.


She just needs to be put down. She angry,evil,confused,senile & hates Donald Trump. Obviously,at some point he turned her down.


So the Queen of hogwash is blaming the Republican Party for the riot at the Capitol. She’s mad because they didn’t vote the way she commanded the vote to go. So the DIMS were ok with antifa & blm thugs rioting, looting, murdering, destroying people’s businesses, so I’m thinking they were ok with this Capitol riot. They are pretending to be offended and , of course, blaming President Trump. I heard him speak, there was nothing he said that would have incited violent riots. He said nothing more then our forefathers who were getting people together to fight the British and preserve our Country and our freedoms!


These dimwit Democrats (and some Republicans) in Government “service” are so delusional, money and power hungry cretins that should be locked away in prison and never see the sunshine again, for they certainly do NOT represent the citizens of this once great Republic. The Electorate is in dire need of educating itself to what these criminal are doing to our society and oust these enemies of the people.


Nancy Pelosi seems to have lost her grip on sanity, if she ever had one. How do the American people get rid of her? She and Hillary need to take a long walk down a short pier or at least have their masks replaced by gags.

penny oneal

she needs be kicked out of congress


Yes, please….and soon


What these cretins are doing is criminal to WE the people.

Jerome from Layton

Yeah, but look at her constituents [and hold your nose]. The only town I know of that hires people to collect human poop from the streets.

Cynthia Shapiro

The same stupid people keep voting her in. This by people who are living in the street or surrounded by it. She don’t live in those neighborhoods. Makes damn sure of that.


Love it


She’s trying to shift blame off herself for refusing Trump’s offer to have National Guard troops there TWO DAYS before it happened!


It is high time to get rid of these Democratic party leaders, they have shown their color time after time Yellow bellys not worth any support of us the American people. We want Donal Trump back/


Trump now knows what it is like on Welfare … He is living RENT FREE in Nancy’s head.


And Hillary’s … and Obama’s … and ….

Karen Runken

Crazed whacko can think of nothing but Trump, isn’t that a crush!?! The skank liar belongs in jail. How’s it feel knowing your crimes against America were directly responsible for preventing your own testimony in the sham impeachment? Shame Nancy, shame.


Pelosi gets more squirrely every day. She needs a mental health check.


True … and she should take, Mad Maxine Waters, Dianne Feinstein, Sheila Jackson Lee and Joe Biden with her to be tested as well. I’d bet most or all of them are suffering from a significant loss of mental acuity,


And a strait jacket.

Grumpy Veteran

That b*tch has the audacity to rail about people having a conscience?? She is DERANGED and MUST be removed from office!!!!


“Nut-case” Nancy’s raging, hate-filled case of Stage 4 “Trump Derangement Syndrome” has consumed her. She is a pathetic old crone that needs go back home to her debt-ravaged state for good.


It is time for her to be impeached for her disgusting behavior.


Dorothy, please drop a house on her!

stephen barrette

Make the demoncrats pay for the cost of impeachment

Jerome from Layton

Well, for us Feds, there IS a thing called Fraud, Waste, and Abuse. Anybody can file one.


Ya gots ta give da old wind bag 1 thing lol she never stops trying just like wily coyote. Would love ta paint a tunnel on a wall just ta see her try ta drive through it


Those in congress who have allowed their hatred for Trump and his supporters have proven they are not in congress to work or serve the people. They are there to push their own political agendas, spread their venomous hatred for their Republican congress members, make secret financial gains for themselves and squander as much of the tax payers money as they can while they can. They are NOT FIT TO HOLD THE TITLE OF CONGRESS. They are children of the devil against human life from the very beginning and against the Constitution of this great country. They are determined to tear away our freedoms and make America a socialist communist country. They love themselves first and foremost and socialism next but they do not LOVE AMERICA OR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. I hope those who supported Lindsey Graham have seen the double minded man he really is and that they will support him no more. He is a wimpy and untrustworthy Congressman to stand against Trump. He knows the truth but he stood with the corrupt democrats because he really is just like them.

Paul A. Hughes

Put this wrinkled, old, HAG, out to pasture. Go suck on your $12.00 a pint ice cream ya OLD C-bag.

Richard Irvin

and she is just as stupid


To quote the bard, “out damn pig”.



Jerome from Layton

You’re being kind…

Cynthia Shapiro


RockyMtn 1776

Number 3 impeachment coming up ! Pelosi & gang are NOT giving up. Their agenda is to make it impossible for anyone who is not a member of the Washington elite to ever again run for President. They not only want to destroy Trump and his family, it’s anyone who dares to disagree with their agenda. They do not want to govern, they want to rule and Biden is their way to do it.
America is going to pay a very high price for allowing this sham an an election to be accepted as legitimate. A VERY high price !


Have read all the previous comments and agree with them all. Pelosi is acting like a girl whose boyfriend was taken away by another girl: envy, hatred, anger and determined to get even any way she can. She’s so childish she should be put back in the play pen with no toys to play with. This is what happens when a deranged woman is given so much power; even worse than a man.


No one ever said that ole Nancy was good, good for what?

Cynthia Middleton
frank shattuck

Please, I agree with all you state, but, stop making grammatical errors in your articles,

Cynthia Shapiro

Sometime people read stuff they don’t agree with. They rush there keying a bit much, but I believe that most of them don’t do grammar at all. As long as you understand them.


Ole Nancy she’s been a good sales person for President Trump, it is alway funny hear her promote Trump.

Bud Vexley

Go home and eat your ice cream Nancy, Your time has passed

Jerome from Layton

One year, ten and a half months to go…Oh, the horror.

Jim Pierce

Is Nancy finally loosing it? I would be inclined to say yes.


This Drunken Hate Filled Witch Needs To Be Put on the Hotseat and Questioned About Everything She Has Been Hiding and Secretly Manipulating Behind Closed Doors!


Unfair! The headline read “Nancy Polosi’s Obituary . . . . ” gave me such hope.

Sandra Jansen

Well did she pay the 5000.00 fine or not?

alfredo dizon

Pelosi, you sure are an old hag that needs to be put out to pasture. Maybe one day when your life comes to an end your remains should be used as manure for your life is so filled with nothing good, and may your soul be reserved for the hottest part of the Lake of Fire





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