Muslim Brotherhood Member Hits Woman of Opposition Party

Muslim Brotherhood member of the Tunisian Parliament hit a woman who criticized him. Al Subhee Samara, a Muslim Brotherhood parliament member attacked a woman Abeer Mousa who’s the leader of an opposition political party.

This is the way that Muslims deal with a woman unwilling to bow down and kiss their buttocks. Criticizing a man is simply unheard of and she obviously brought it on herself according to Muslim apologists in the United States.

This video is being pointed out by Sarah Idan, former Miss Iraq. She knows of whence she speaks, having grown up in Iraq where Muslim men rule over women with an iron fist and where genital mutilations and honor killings have a basis in law. Muslim Brotherhood tries to define themselves as reformers or freedom fighters but they are neither. There are Arab countries that have labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorists. Barack Obama had a warm spot in his heart for the Brotherhood.

Barack Obama had members of the group that worked in his administration and he supported them in Egypt, even as the people rebelled against their rule. They were able to overthrow the Muslim Brotherhood despite Obama’s best efforts to prop them up.

According to Israel Unwired:

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This video is being pointed out by Sarah Idan, former Miss Iraq. She knows the dangers of oppressive Arabs firsthand. Idan is pointing out how the Muslim Brotherhood treats women in the Middle East. When someone criticizes a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, this is the response: Violence. Can you imagine a parliament member in Europe hitting a woman who didn’t agree with him? That is not how civilized societies act. That is not how the Western World acts.

From Primetime Zone

Today’s session was devoted to voting on an agreement between Tunisia and the Qatar Fund for Development on opening an office in Tunisia.

However, the session witnessed a disruption due to the rejection of the head of the Free Constitutional Bloc, Abeer Moussa, of the agreement and the demand that it be removed from the agenda. She staged a sit-in in the plenary hall.

In view of this, the presidency of the Council was forced to change the seat of the session to a subsidiary building in the former advisors.

Abeer Moussa joined the plenary session of the House of Councilors and caused chaos in order to disrupt the conduct of the plenary session and voting, which caused a state of tension.


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Ragheads, regardless of country.

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