MSNBC’s New Hill To Die On: ‘White Republican Men’ Have No Idea How A Baby Is Actually Made

MSNBC’s new hill die on is a claim that ‘White Republican men’ have no idea how a baby is made. Of course, the conversation was about abortion.

Host Joy Reid, along with Democratic strategist and frequent MSNBC guest Kurt Bardella, was reacting to the final debate between the two Ohio U.S. Senate candidates, Republican JD Vance and Democrat Tim Ryan.

She picked out a debate moment where Vance says there’s a difference between rape exceptions to abortions at 3 weeks and 39 weeks gestation. Reid went off on the Republican, claiming he didn’t understand pregnancy or abortion.

“39-week abortions. That is not a thing. Pregnancies normally last 41, 42 weeks. The idea that Republicans keep putting up that somehow women are getting to 39 weeks, which is like three weeks or two weeks maybe even one week before they’re having a baby and being like, I think I’m going to have an abortion. It is ridiculous but they keep saying it. They keep saying it because no one stops them or calls them out,” she said.

Bardella went along with Reid’s attack, claiming that Vance and other Republicans don’t understand how “a baby is actually made.”

“I mean the one thing we’ve seen during the abortion debate that’s unfolding is that most of these White Republican men have no idea how a baby is actually made,” he mocked.

Reid agreed, saying, “Do they even know how to make a baby? I don’t think they do, and he [Vance] has kids!”


Democrats are still pushing voters to the polls over abortion despite the fact that isn’t their number one priority so it’s the media’s job to sensationalize the topic in the hope that voter disregard the decline in the economy and economic hardships to vote blue. They have no choice because Democrats have been caught with their pants down -so to speak. They have not run on a plan outside of abortion and now they’re going to have to face the consequences.