MSNBC’s Joy Reid: GOP States Only Care About Black People If They ‘Get Their Behinds Into the Factory’ to ‘Make Me My Stuff’ [VIDEO]

Another day, another irrational rant by the racist lady at MSNBC.

On Wednesday, radical leftist Woke Supremacist MSNBC host and most misnamed person for her personality, Joy Reid, said that Republican-run (read white people) states only wish to vaccinate black residents if they “get their behinds into the factory and make me my steaks, make me my stuff.”  I’m sorry, but this is as racist as it gets.  She accused an entire group of people of being evil because of the color of their skin.

Of course, there is zero evidence that such a sentiment exists, but when has that ever stopped the racist woman at that network from making blatantly racist comments?  Does she actually believe that no black people work for Republican state administrations?  I have concluded that Joy Reid must have a very embarrassing photograph of the president of the network because I do believe any other network, with the possible exception of CNN, would fire her racist behind for these outlandish racist accusations that this host makes on a weekly basis.  It’s like MSNBC gives her a license to say racist things on the air.  What exactly does the FCC do?

The “ReidOut” host was talking about Republican governors in Mississippi and Texas taking actions to reverse COVID-19 mitigation policies in those states, including mask mandates, despite both states having low vaccination rates for black residents.  Here’s the thing.  If black people don’t sign up to receive a vaccine it is not racist that the state government doesn’t chase them down with large butterfly nets and needle-carrying sidekicks running alongside them.

I can only imagine if red states started mandating their people get the COVID vaccine, Reid would have a field day on the air talking about how racist forced vaccinations are.  You can’t win with leftists.

Joyless said that Republican state leaders are making their own determinations as to “who gets to live and who gets to die” with what she described as their “absolutely insane and irresponsible” directives to completely reopen.


Is Reid an outpatient from a mental ward?  Seriously, is she given a nightly pass to go do her show, and then it’s back to the giggle factory afterward?

“There is a term called ‘necropolitics,’ which is essentially the politics of who gets to live and who gets to die, and these states, what they have in common is that they have structures which say that Black and Brown lives matter less,” Reid told her audience via CNN contributor Jason Johnson who smiled and continuously shook his head in the affirmative as if he speaks babbling idiot while she ranted racist speculation onto Republican state officials.

“And so all that matters is that Black and Brown people get their behinds into the factory and make me my streaks, make me my stuff, get there and do my nails, work, get back to work now and do the things that I, the comfortable affluent person, need. Isn’t that what we’re seeing in states like Texas?” she added.

Johnson continued nodding in agreement, before saying, “‘The Hunger Games’ would be more humane.

“If they made people line up and fight for vaccines at least then you have a fighting chance,” he said. “No, they’re just gonna starve people and it’s always seemed ironic to me that the party of supposedly family values is basically saying, ‘You kids starve, aunty starves, uncle starves, and my wife and my smart son get to eat and get to live and get the vaccine.'”

I wonder if everyone at the MSNBC studio standing around her lined up and got their vaccines?  These people are stark-raving mad.  They act liked if you don’t get the vaccine without question you are going to die.

I think what’s going on is governors are starting to realize the COVID mitigation recommendations are not biding to states, which have sovereignty from the federal government.  This is why Reid and the other useful idiots from Fake News networks try virtual-signal shaming if you go against the Woke Supremacy orthodoxy.  State governments have put up with the mitigation nonsense long enough.  State officials realize they need to open up their economies again so that their people don’t starve or become totally dependent on government assistance.

The biggest fear of the Woke Supremacy is that more and more states will open up once they realize it’s safe to do so because there aren’t hordes of people dying in states that have already opened.  The progressives are losing control and they hate it.

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Evil comes in all colors history is proven that but the most evil have always been dark-skinned it’s funny how that works white throat history always meant good black has always meant evil so no matter what color you are black has always stood for the dark side and they themselves just by opening their mouths prove it everyday especially this Joy dumbass the lefties are and always will be the faces of death….


Joy gives morons and idiots a raise in status.

Sandra Lee Smith

Sadly, yes she does.


MNSNBC, and particularly Joy Reid, is STUPID!!!


This is what happens when a tv station is as racist and insane as it’s reporters. This (woman?) Is one of the biggest racists that ever lived and is sponsored by a television network. She is a disgusting bag of “ghetto”.




She’s trying to be the next Sharpton/ Jackson race baiting LIBERAL POS . That keeps DIVISION and RACISM going ……

Captain Cross

Wake up Joy – your Dem party is giving illegal aliens those jobs so neither Blacks nor any other citizens can get them.

Sandra Lee Smith

This is not only a bald-faced LIE, it’s willfully racist and ignorant! It was WHITE people who took action to END slavery, first in their own lands, then in others as well; WHITE people who bled and died to bring that anout, not black, brown, yellow or red people who brought that to pass, by physical acts and legal acts alike. It was also a BLACK man whoSTARTED the practice of slavery in the American colonies, and the prior “red” settlers who practiced it in the land before the colonists arrived. THATis the REAL history of slavery in this nation.

Velma Saccone

Joy is the worst kind of evil racist. She should be removed.


So where is her righteous condemnation of the Democratic Party that pacers to and makes promises to the black/brown community before every election and then does NOTHING for them?

Uncle Milty

People like this Joy lady isn’t happy unless they are crying about something. She ought get on her knees and thank the Lord that she lives in America. And quit blaming another race of people for her problems.


So Joy Reid says white folks are racists who only want black folks back to work in factories to make things for them? It could not be because they need to earn a living?
Well how hyp-o-crite of her.

Last edited 1 month ago by Skeptical
Bud Vexley

This ignorant witch hasn’t the ability to make a rational case for her blather, any sensible human would know that!!!


What’s wrong with that, at least if they were working they would not be raping, robbing and killing people.


Good point!


Seems they forgot it was the delusional democrats that had blacks out in the fields picking cotton for them and they didn’t get payed for it . Some did get the wip tho for not working fast enough . So if they now say the Republicans want blacks in a factory. .. it’s alot better then the field picking cotton for free . Now this is a real fact Check if they post it .


This woman is a very dangerous racist. She hates white people.


FAKE NEWS MEDIA JOY REID!!! She just made all of that “stuff” up!!! I am think she is the racist here!!!


Joy Reid is the very personification of a ig’nate nigger!

Last edited 1 month ago by CharlieSeattle

My WHITE husband has worked in a factory for over 30 years, and had excellent attendance until COVID hit. He has paid his bills and taxes, which contributed to much of the unappreciated BLACK privilege: free housing, utilities, cell phone coverage, medical to include prenatal, free education, legal, etc., all the things adults are expected to EARN, factory or otherwise, for THEMSELVES. So, Ms. Reid, who paid for your education? I worked, serving PEOPLE, to pay for mine.

mike dar

The Irony, the humor…’Blacks’ OR WHITES would like a ‘Factory job… while in truth after 5pm is where one has to start… and after 5 pm there are few people speaking English.. you know… the language ‘Black and White’ people speak. The language spoken in majority is Spanish, lololol! Spoken by Mexicans recent, saving the ‘Factory’ on wages!
I’ve seen this myself in most of the ‘Factories’, ie; major corporations… like those that start with the name ‘U.S. …’ Steel, lumber.. whatever..
Ask a Black if he wants a job at a factory… especially now… as the recent slowdown has affected Black employment more than any other subset by percentage! HELL YES!!!!!!! Just not at wetback wage scales… the Dems have setup… in the ‘FACTORIES’!!!!

Henry Bradley

Well then Joyless get your ass in the factory and get to work!

Henry Bradley

Someone needs to tell Joyless Reid to get her butt into the factory and make me my stuff NOW or stfu!


What a horrific comment, Joy! Shame on you.

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