MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Thinks Capitol Riot Worse Than Entire Summer of Riots That Killed 25 People, Insults Taco Stands

In the aftermath of the Capitol riot on January 6, the Democrats acted as if all 74 million Trump voters were at the Capitol and physically involved in the riot.  They have ignored facts that came out afterward from the FBI and other sources that the violence was pre-planned days before the event and they ignore the fact that President Trump offered up to 10,000 National Guard troops to protect the Capitol and all around DC area and was turned down by the House Sgt at Arms who reports directly to Nancy Pelosi.  All ignored.

Because of the lies and exploitation of the Capitol riot many conservatives rightly so brought up the fact that the same leftists who cried there was an “insurrection” not only ignored but in many cases encouraged the daily riots that took place in Democrat-run cities across the country, and most in the media and the Democratic Party they justified the violence, claiming fighting against systemic racism rioters and looters can do what they were doing.  As if stealing a pair of Nikes is making someone less oppressed.  Then-Senator Kamala Harris propped up a bail fund organization that was bailing out criminal rioters so that they could get back on the streets to commit mayhem and havoc again.  And she justified it by claiming she was trying to help peaceful protesters, even though peaceful protesters don’t get arrested because it’s legal to protest.  Rioters and looters get arrested because it’s illegal to do those things.

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show host Joe Scarborough, the guy who looks like the kid on the bridge with the banjo in Deliverance, chimed in to trash people who pointed out the discrepancy, saying “idiots on other cable news channels” who say the attacks on “mom and pop” small businesses “vandalized during the summer riots” is “just as bad as the United States Capitol being vandalized,” Scarborough cried, “No, jackass, it’s not.”

Tragic as it was that five people died during the Capitol riot last month over 25 people were killed during the summer riots in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

“The Capitol of the United States of America is the center of American democracy,” banjo kid said. “And while I’m a fierce believer in people’s right to defend their private property, I’m not going to confuse a taco stand with the United States Capitol.  I’m not going to confuse the selling of tacos with actually moving through a constitutional process.”

This man is Despicable.  There were all kinds of brick and mortar businesses that were vandalized, looted, and burned to the ground, businesses that had nothing to do with so-called “systemic racism” or any of the other garbage that the Left uses to justify the violence that happened on a daily routine over the summer.  And isn’t it racist according to the standards of the Woke Supremacy to downplay the destruction of a taco stand?

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Someone must have let the kid from the bridge know about the tweet because Scarborough came back full of personal insults.

“Do you think it is the same?” the MSNBC host tweeted back in response. “Are you too stupid to understand the destruction of personal property is abhorrent, and at the same time realize that a terrorist attack against the US Capitol is a greater threat to America? Is arson against a warehouse the same as 9/11?”

The Daily Caller replied in kind to Scarborough’s tweet via their original tweet with another video showing a man speaking in front of his store that was reduced to rubble last summer.

“Was Scott Carpenter’s furniture store which was burned down during the riot in Kenosha just a taco stand @JoeNBC?”

Scarborough fired back.

“No jackass. It was a furniture store. And the freaks who burned it down should rot in jail until they pay him back.”

I’m confused.  Was Scarborough angry because the Daily Caller didn’t mention a taco stand or was he angry that they embarrassed him for downplaying the destruction of people’s lives?

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Richie McGinniss, the Daily Caller’s chief video director, tweeted that “the *federal courthouse in Portland was attacked for over 100 days straight. I was at the Capitol, and I was in Portland. Both were abhorrent because they were both examples of POLITICAL violence. For Joe, the Capitol riot was Trump supporters, and that’s the *real difference.”

Again Scarborough defended himself: “You are being ignorant. I have attacked rioters in Portland since the summer. I have specifically blasted Portland’s mayor and Oregon’s governor repeatedly for letting rioters trash the federal courthouse and destroy the city. Can you do the same to the Trump Terrorists?”

The folks at the Daily Caller didn’t back down.  Instead, they provided clips from videos that underscored their case:

The leftist elites really do look down upon the great unwashed and they think that they are better than you.  Just ask them, they’ll tell you.


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What happened on Jan 6 was choreographed. The expected Senate discussion, which we all wanted to hear, was never permitted to occur, regarding the evidence of the greatest fraud ever perpetuated on the American people. And, while it was organized, it was not so stealth and it was not so cleaver. It was, in the end, bold and very obvious and the evidence was so insurmountable that Stevie Wonder and Hellen Keller would agree on it. And that tells us even more. It tells us that this coordinated effort to eclipse the record, involved every aspect of the media and the political gentry, such as McConnell, and many other Republicans, including the notable 7, who also did their part. And MSNBC is part of it. It was a coup. Biden is not legitimate.

Some people say we lost and Biden is now our President for the next 4 years. I completely disagree. Would you consider someone who stole the deed to your house to be the rightful occupier? Biden is far worse than a thief. The Capital is occupied by people who never acquired the votes to be there. That happened because the Swamp didn’t give a damn as to the methods they used to get there. And the bold theft carries a message to make us understand our place and never again become so delusional as to think we can do something about it. Now the effort will be to recreate the history. What this boils down to is even greater than the fraud. While the fraud was stupendous, the coverup is galactic. It is designed to create a historical record so that someday, what we know today, as fact, will become tomorrow’s fiction. All hands are on board to make that happen and to perpetuate the myth that the fraud was insufficient to change the election outcome and any thoughts to the contrary are mostly associated with xenophobic, male, racist, white supremacists. It is designed to create a historical record so that someday, what we know today, as fact, will become tomorrow’s fiction. All hands are on board to make that happen. That is the goal and every effort will be made to censor discussion.

Biden couldn’t get a thousand people to show up at his rallies. Trump couldn’t stop ten thousand people from showing up at his flash rallies even when he wasn’t there. The Biden victory is a lie, a National theft, a coup and we’re not buying it.


He and his shit for brains wife are the leading morons on democrat TV.

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