MSNBC Uses RINO To Call Conservatives ‘Glass Jawed Snowflakes’, ‘White Nationalists’

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As we all know, the Left has been pushing the narrative that Republicans are turning to white nationalism with their education policies. On Friday, MSNBC’s The 11th, guest host Mehdi Hasan and pseudo-Republican David Jolly only furthered this narrative, with neither seeming to care about the facts.

Hasan started by claiming that Republicans are banning books and images in schools, without any evidence to back up his statement. Then Jolly piled on, claiming that the GOP is rooted in white nationalism and anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

But the reality is far different. The books that have been banned were banned because of explicit sexual content, not because of any political agenda.

The controversy surrounding Michelangelo’s statue of David was not because of the art lesson itself, but because parents were not notified of the lesson involving nudity, as was pre-existing practice.

The truth is that Republicans are not trying to return to a dark past. Rather, they are trying to return to commonsense education policies that are focused on teaching our children the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life.

Republicans are trying to ensure that our kids are educated on the basics of math and science, rather than being taught woke ideology that has no place in the classroom.

They are trying to ensure that parents have a say in their children’s education and that school districts are held accountable for their actions.

These policies have nothing to do with white nationalism or discrimination. They are about ensuring that our children are given the best possible education and that parents have a voice in their children’s education.


The Left has been trying to paint Republicans as backwards and out of touch, but the truth is that they are simply trying to ensure that our children are given the best education possible. We should all be supporting their efforts to do so.




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