MSNBC Twist The Facts About Pro-Life Laws, Tells Viewers It’s ‘Disingenuous’ To Actually Read The Bill

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Have you ever noticed how often liberal media outlets like MSNBC try to twist the facts to fit their agenda? This is especially true when it comes to abortion laws, like the one recently challenged in Texas.

Recently, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell and legal analyst Joyce Vance declared that it was “disingenuous” and “bad faith” to actually read the pro-life law in Texas.

They based this opinion on a Washington correspondent Yamiche Alcindor report on five Texas women who are suing the state, claiming the S.B. 8 is responsible for medical complications and ramifications they suffered as a result of medical emergencies during pregnancy.

But here’s the thing- the law is actually very clear. It plainly states that the fetal heartbeat provisions “do not apply if a physician believes a medical emergency exists that prevents compliance with this subchapter.” Yet, Mitchell and Vance insisted that the law was “not clear” and that it was “disingenuous” and “bad faith” to actually read it.

This is yet another example of liberal media outlets distorting the truth to fit their agenda. By ignoring the actual language of the law, they can argue that it is anti-woman and anti-choice. But, in reality, the law is designed to protect women’s health and safety by ensuring that medical professionals are able to act in emergency situations.

In fact, the Texas Right to Life president John Seago highlighted this in Yamiche Alcindor’s report, “It’s the doctors who are at fault because they should do this. The law is clear.”

It’s clear that MSNBC knows the truth about the Texas pro-life law, but they’re choosing to ignore it. Instead, they’re pushing their own agenda and twisting the facts to fit their narrative. It’s time that we call them out for their disingenuous and bad faith tactics.


The way the left wants to discourage people from actually reading the laws shows an extreme level of deception in my opinion. When Roe was overturned a handful of states had trigger laws in place that have since been replaced by comprehensive legislation while others began this new journey with clear bills.  Pretending that there is no clarity at this point is just willful ignorance.

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