MSNBC: Pro-Life Supporters Are ‘Terrorists’ And…

The President and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, Amy Hagstrom Miller called the pro-life movement ‘Christian Extremism’ And ‘Terrorists’. The whole segment started with Co-Founder and Executive Director of SHERo MS, Michelle Colon, who referred to anti-abortion advocates as “terrorists,” in a clip posted to Twitter. MSNBC host Tiffany Cross agreed with Colon’s sentiment, arguing that pro-life activists and supporters achieve their goals “through violence.”

“So, Michelle is right,” Miller stated, “there is violence and it is terrorism, and I think it’s very important for us to recognize that it is Christian extremism that is at the root of this shame and this stigma, that allows laws like this to pass, that allows justices like this to be confirmed and it does not represent the majority of feelings and beliefs of people in this country.

“Everybody knows and loves somebody who’s needed an abortion in their lifetime. This is not how any of us want people who need our compassion and our dignified care to be treated at any point in time,” Miller continued, “There’s no way that half of the country should lose access to safe abortion care because of a law like this. It’s time for people to speak up, and it’s been time for people to speak up.”

Miller concluded that her clinic and other clinics that provide abortions are “trying to do as much as we can to stay open as long as possible and welcome as many people for compassionate care as we can.”


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Only 32% of Americans believe that abortion should be legal under any circumstances, and 48% believe it should be legal only under certain circumstances, according to the latest Gallup poll.

The rage machine is working because protesters gathered outside the homes of Supreme Court Justices in an attempt to intimidate and sway the vote. Adding insult, the White House refused to condemn the protesters. 

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I love Freedom

Pro life persons are terrorists??? Who’s disturbing church services? Who’s setting off Molotov cocktails. Who gaslighted the Supreme Courts homes and families? It wasn’t pro-life people. Start really looking in the mirror.

Gregory Silver

Abortion was never meant to be a form of contraception. Yet over 90% of abortion these days are from women who simply don’t want a baby. I would support a hysterectomy for every one of them.

Liberty One News