MSNBC Caught Fearmongering, Blames GOP For Teen Suicide

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The liberal media is in panic mode as the Republican party continues to push ahead with its agenda in state legislatures. MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle’s weekly panel discussions on The 11th Hour recently featured a discussion that could only be described as absurd.

On the show, it was alleged that Republicans seeking to ban gender transitions for minors were taking the country back to 1954 while making it more likely young people will commit suicide.

CNBC’s Steve Liesman even took aim at Tennessee for trying to ban drag shows in public. Former clerk for Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Melissa Murray then took things even further by comparing not transitioning teenagers to segregation by saying that it was “very much a revanchist politics. It’s not about modernity, it’s not about attracting younger voters . . . this is about rolling back the 20th century. And making America great again circa 1954.”

Harvard polling director John Della Volpe managed to follow up with even more extreme rhetoric, claiming that Republicans are making it more difficult for “any person of influence, specifically a governor to make those, to make that more difficult rather than less difficult” for LGBT teens. But what the liberal media fails to realize is that this is not a Republican party issue, this is an issue of morality and common sense.

The liberal media’s inability to have a reasoned debate on the issue has only served to polarize the discussion even further. This is why the Republican party is so focused on passing these bills – to protect the rights of children and to ensure the health and safety of teens. The liberal media’s narrative that Republicans are somehow trying to increase suicide rates among LGBT teens is just an absurd and desperate attempt to discredit the GOP.


We are now heading into 2024 and the Biden administration is showing signs of being weak and unfit to run again. This has the liberal media panicking and desperately trying to push their narrative that Republicans are the cause of increasing LGBT teen suicides. The truth is, the GOP is trying to protect these children and ensure that their rights are respected. The liberal media should be ashamed of themselves for trying to twist the facts in order to push their agenda.

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