MSNBC Brings In Bill Clinton To Push Gun Control

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It’s a sad state of affairs when the mainstream media digs up Former President Bill Clinton to push an agenda.

In an interview with MSNBC, Clinton stated that our children should not be victims of school shootings due to the freedoms we have to own guns in the United States. The logic that Clinton is using is not only flawed, but it is a dangerous precedent to set.

It’s no secret that liberals and Democrats have been on an anti-American crusade for years. They want to take away our rights and freedoms, and the Second Amendment is one of the most important rights we have.

We have the right to bear arms, and it is a fundamental right that keeps us safe and enables us to protect our families and property. To hear Clinton say that kids should be sacrificed for our Second Amendment rights is outrageous and unacceptable.

Clinton reminisced about when Jack Brooks and Tom Foley, two congressman from Texas and Washington respectively, told him that if he signed the assault weapons ban into the crime bill, they would lose the House.

This is a clear example of how Democrats use fear tactics to manipulate the public. They are willing to manipulate our emotions in order to pass anti-gun legislation.

And once its gone, it’ll be gone forever. Lawmakers are not known to give rights back to the people once they’ve managed to take them away.


It’s shocking that Clinton would suggest that we should let kids die in order to keep our Second Amendment rights. The two are not related as criminals will continue to use and carry guns while law-abiding Americans essentially become disarmed targets of crime.

This is an affront to our Constitution, and it is an attack on our fundamental freedoms. We should work towards making our schools safe while addressing the deep mental health crisis. We also have to cut these soft-on-crime policies that churn criminals back out on the street without proper justice.

Clinton’s comments are a slap in the face to all Americans who believe in the Second Amendment. We cannot and will not let our children be sacrificed for the sake of political agendas. We must stand together and fight for our rights. Our children’s lives are too important, and we must do everything we can to protect them.




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