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Big Mistake: Don Lemon Lectures Black Republican On Immigration

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What does the media have against black conservatives? It seems like they feel entitled to tell black Americans about how to think or act. That’s exactly what happened recently with Don Lemon and Florida Rep. Byron Donalds.

Lemon, talking about immigration, was trying to tell Donalds that it would be better for him to work with President Biden on the issue rather than criticize him.

However, Donalds was not having it and correctly pointed out the facts about the Biden administration’s policy on immigration.

The transcript of their conversation speaks for itself. Don Lemon, with a weak grasp of the facts, was trying to tell Donalds what would be better for him to do.

Donalds, on the other hand, was totally fluent with facts and presented them in a cogent and compelling manner. As a result, Donalds was able to shut Lemon down and prove that his point was correct.

This whole incident is yet another example of how the left is more interested in pushing their own narrative rather than actually engaging in honest debate.

Rather than actually listening to the other side, they are more interested in lecturing and telling them what they should think and do.

This is especially true when the person they are lecturing is a black conservative, as they seem to think they know what is best for black people and that they need to be “saved” from themselves.

It’s ironic that Don Lemon was so adamant about Donalds working with President Biden rather than criticizing him, when Lemon himself is one of the biggest critics of President Trump. It’s clear that Lemon is not interested in honest debate and dialogue, but rather in pushing his own agenda.


At the end of the day, this incident only serves to illustrate the hypocrisy of the left and their inability to engage in honest debate. Rather than actually engaging with the opposition, they are more interested in pushing their own narrative and lecturing people about what they should think and do. This kind of behavior is not acceptable and should be called out whenever it is witnessed.

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