MORE WINNING! Trump to Sign Executive Order Calling for ‘Local Control of Education’

Finally, big brother will be leaving school.

During Obama’s reign over this country, he decided that having the government put its hand in everything was for the best. This includes education which was originally run by state and local rather than federal. The no child left behind act put the entire country on one specific type of curriculum, basically instead of pushing students to try harder and rewarding those who do the system is dumbed down so everyone can pass. Everyone’s a winner. Not.

Now, with President Trump in office, it looks like education will be the focus of state and local government. Meaning the federal government will go back to focusing on things that actually affect the country on a global scale and allow individual states to plan the best course of action for their student’s success.

Via Breitbart:

President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Wednesday afternoon that directs U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to study where the federal government has overstepped its boundaries and infringed upon state and local governments in education matters.

Senior Department of Education official Rob Goad told journalists Trump would sign an order that “delivers on his commitment to ensuring education decisions are made by those closest to students.”

“Since our founding, education was intended to be under state and local control,” he continued. “In recent years, however, too many in Washington have advanced top-down mandates that take away autonomy and limit the options available to educators, administrators, and parents.”

Goad said the order would put “an end to this overreach,” and turn education decision-making back to local leaders.

Trump is returning America to the former glory that Obama managed to completely destroy in eight short years. American youth being properly educated is the only way America will remain a world power.

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