Nothing says compassion more than letting killers off with bail low enough, they are walking out of jail as quickly as they get hauled into it. One hundred and thirteen accused murderers of 155 people are currently out on bail in one Texas County. That is Harris County. All told there are 50,000 people out on bail for serious felonies.

KRIV-TV reporter Greg Googan shed the light on the problem in a segment titled “What’s Your Point?” that aired Monday.

Googan said:

“We are talking about capital murder — the most egregious offense in the criminal code — a conviction for which carries either life imprisonment or the death penalty.” 

“In all, more than 50,000 accused felons have benefited from the catch-and-release philosophy of criminal justice perpetrated by the current crop of Democratic reform judges.”

Houston attorney Charles Adams argued that the new lenient bail policies are an overreaction to the strict policies of the past. But bonding out killers is a bridge too far. There is a good reason that killers have not been granted bail. You can only be executed once or serve one lifetime in prison, so if you commit another murder, there is no price to pay.

The liberals have argued that people spend too much time in jail awaiting trial, but evidently, they are not worried about the political prisoners being held on misdemeanors.

Not surprisingly the same communities that free people with no or very low bail are seeing a drastic uptick in crime. That happens when criminals are not being held pending bail.

From The Blaze

Last January, Crime Stoppers of Houston announced its full support for Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s push to make bail reform a major priority for the upcoming legislative session.

“The ramifications of bail reform have taken its toll on the citizens of Harris County, many who have paid the ultimate price with the loss of their life,” Crime Stoppers of Houston director of victim services Andy Kahan said at the time.

“Crime Stoppers of Houston wants to make it perfectly clear: We support Misdemeanor Bond Reform. What we don’t support is when public safety is placed at a higher risk when career habitual offenders are continuously released back to the community only to re-offend time after time again,” Kahan added.

Steven Ahle

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Cecelia Henderson

When is Houston going to grow up and make sane and valid decisions for it’s people?

Gerald Ladd

Ever know a demonRAT that has ever made a sane decision?

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and not one “public servant” will be held to account for co-signing on the crime/crimes. Guess who is the master and who is the slave today? “WE” need to leave (secede) from this evil empire called Amerika. Restore the republic of “We the People” that Lincoln destroyed. I HAVE A DREAM

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I wonder if Biden’s handlers are considering giving $450,000 to every American parent who lost a child to being murdered by an illegal alien ‘immigrant’.


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POS mayor (Democrat). City Council (Democrat) DA Social Communist Democrat! SO, Chef of Police all Democrat! Wonder Why Houston is turning in to a Shithole Democrat Communist hell hole! People All over TEXAS does not, we know! Same with Dallas/Fortworth, and Austin! Breeding shithole’s of Liberal communism!


Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s efforts are a few years late.


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