More Terrorists Illegally Crossed Southern Border In April Than In Four Trump Years Combined

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There really is no debate that the Biden Administration’s open border policies have made our country much more vulnerable to terrorists. But the real concern is just HOW vulnerable we are now.

In April of this year, Border Patrol agents apprehended 16 people who were on the FBI’s terror watch list attempting to illegally cross the U.S.-Mexico border between entry ports.

This brings the total number of suspected terrorists arrested at American borders in 2023 up to 98, which is higher than any other fiscal year since 2017 and already surpassing last year’s all-time record of 98 apprehensions.

It was recently reported that five times as many suspected terrorists were caught at the southern border in April alone than had been recorded over both FY 2019 and 2020 combined. If this trend continues through the remaining five months of FY 2023, it means that 2022’s arrest total will be easily surpassed.

If you are a Democrat, your argument is “Hey, look how many terrorists we apprehended”. If you are a sane person your argument is “Hey, if we caught this many, how many got away?”

These alarming figures should serve as an urgent wake-up call to Americans everywhere. Our nation is no longer safe from foreign nationals with ties to terrorism trying to infiltrate its borders and take advantage of open immigration policy loopholes.

The House Committee on Homeland Security sent a letter in late May demanding information about two particular suspects – an Afghan national and a Pakistani national – who had attempted to cross into America in May, citing “the glaring vulnerabilities due to the Biden-Harris administration’s open-border policies.”

The Oversight Committee Chair James Comer has also asked Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for an explanation on how DHS plans on tackling this heightened security risk brought upon by so many illegal border crossings from potentially dangerous individuals every year.

Mayorkas is a stooge. He has no answers, other than that they take the situation very seriously, and that the border is secure.

Well, Alejandro, the data speaks for itself. Without decisive action taken soon, we can expect even more suspected terrorists to make their way into our country unchecked unless drastic measures are taken immediately by President Biden and his team before further damage can be done.

It is time for our leaders to recognize there is a serious problem here and take steps toward protecting American citizens from those who wish us harm rather than facilitating their entrance across our borders unchecked and then pretending that everything is just dandy.




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