Military Agrees That Election Was Fraudulent, Questions Biden’s Mental Health

More than 120 retired US Generals and Admirals wrote Joe Biden. In the letter, they questioned his mental fitness and cognitive abilities. They also mentioned the evidence that voter fraud may have played a large part in his winning of the election.

The group confronted the FBI and the Supreme Court for ignoring, what they say, is irrefutable evidence of fraud.

From the letter to Joe Biden:

Without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the “will of the people” our ConstitutionalRepublic is lost. Election integrity demands ensuring there is one legal vote cast and counted per citizen. Legal votes are identified by State Legislature’s approved controls using government IDs, verified signatures, etc. Today, many are calling such commonsense controls “racist” in an attempt to avoid having fair and honest elections. Using racial terms to suppress proof of eligibility is itself a tyrannical intimidation tactic. Additionally, the “Rule of Law” must be enforced in our election processes to ensure integrity. The FBI and Supreme Court must act swiftly when election irregularities are surfaced and not ignore them as was done in 2020. Finally, H.R.1 & S.1, (if passed), would destroy election fairness and allow Democrats to forever remain in power violating our Constitution and ending our Representative Republic.

120 Retired Generals and Ad… by Jim Hoft

The Daily Mail also reported on the letter from the 120 retired generals and admirals.

The letter leaves nothing to the imagination. They adamantly questioned whether Joe Biden is mentally fit to act as president.

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His many gaffes and lies that may just be the way his brain interprets information is something that was questioned early and often during the campaign for president last year.

The Mail claims that Trump’s assertions about voter fraud have never been borne out in court, which is a complete distortion of what really happened in the courts because the courts refused to hear the evidence, therefore it could not have been debunked.

All one has to do is look at the great lengths Democrats have gone to in preventing clean audits and it is clear they are trying to hide something.

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Aw hell you are a liar and daft. Go pester someone else, you fracking freaks.


You must be a stupid democrat. The Generals are speaking the truth. You are not normal because y’all believe in free things and criminal things. Y’all are wired wrong and there needs to be a special place for all of you like in hell where y’all belong.


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jason George

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James Robbins


Stan Ritchie

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Gerald Ladd

DemonRATS know killer joe is unfit, but they don’t care, and aren’t going to do anything. They, the party, are getting what they want.

Harry O

As a general rule My Ladd, Beginning you opinion with a slur on your opponent is not conductive to discussion and therefore no agreement. Ever. Is that the democracy you want for us? Check out what Graham below has to say.


Your poor grammar defeats attempt to appear intelligent. Demons+rats is an appropriate name for them. Their actions and words confirm that. Your virtue signaling fails. We do not want a “democracy”, we are a REPUBLIC. Dirty tricks, ignorant and factless people, fraudulent votes got us here.

Last edited 23 days ago by NvsblNcider

What democracy? We are a republic.


A CONSTITUTIONAL Republic, at that. The CONSTITUTION is the “Law of the Land”!

Or so it’s SUPPOSED to be! But NOT with the leftist democRAT COMMIES in control.


He was placed there by Obama and Soros who are his puppet masters. He was never elected. He is a fraud, and any one who voted for him, need to have their head examined. If yu voted for just one DemoncRAT, you are to blame for this train wreck!


YES proven enemies destroying U.S. Freedom & rights to create the terrorist nwo dictator stench !


The dems have proven to be #1 U.S. enemies after 14 years supporting bo, hilary treason for 8 years & 6 more years creating the dem’s commie coup to destroy POTUS Trump and the U.S.A.’s Freedom ! A dem wannabe dictator bo whim for totalitarian power are also high treason crimes for capital punishment !


We all know this. The question is what are we going to do about it? Each day I hear of more evidence of fraud yet Jerk Biden is still in the WH and getting worse with these stupid mandates. If the FF were alive, Jan 6 would look like a pizza party compared to what they would’ve done to fighting for our republic.

Harry O

What? Graham But everyone else is saying that Jan 6 was done by Antifa and BLM! So what the heck are you babbling on about? But one thing I agree with you about is that guy with the horns on his head the Q Anon Guru they call him, Yep scares the heck outa me so we should do what Donald Trump wanted us to do on Jan 6 and Hang Mike Pense!


your trying to hang the wrong person, the best place to start is with the Dominion companies three top brass, if that were done you would see how fast the rest of the rats would jump ship and start spilling their guts as to who should get their necks stretched next.


Pelosi is the one who orchestrated this fiasco, and it was to make Trump look bad. Unfortunately it got a bit carried away with Lt. M. Byrd who shot Ashli Babbitt. Byrd and Pelosi have blood on their hands.


Peelosi is the top person in charge of Capital Police. She & she alone is responsible for Jan 6th. She had fbi infiltrated to whip people up into a frenzy. Officers opened doors for people. Hundreds are now being held in squalid isolation cells, no contact outside. Please let’s do SOMETHING.


Guy with horns was a nut case, and there were photos of him supporting antifa at another rally. It is proven antifa, at least one BLM member, and some FBI were infiltrators/agitators. Photos. Trump’s FULL speech told the crowd to walk PEACEFULLY to the steps, and when things turned bad, told everyone to go home. Pence is done. He wanted to be president and sold out, thinking they would help him if he helped them. Now neither side wants him. “What Trump wanted US to do”? You aren’t part of US!


There will be a revolt or civil war in the near future. No one is going to stand for this very bad government!

John Grychak


Trebor Retsbew

john Grychak
Now since the immigration laws in this USA are public knowledge and available on line, go look at them and you will see that those laws are being followed to the letter by Biden Administration and you will also see that Trump violated the very laws he took an oath to uphold as with the immigration laws.

Harry O

On a personal level as well Mr. Trump also greatly sped up the gears to get his new Father and Mother in Law immigrated from Russia, so Hang Mike Pense!


You sir need to go back to school and learn to read and please turn off CNN and MSNBC, repeating their lies make you look like a fool

Shirley Storey

I am afraid you are sadly mistaken. People who come here need to take the tests and follow proper procedures to become a citizen. Also, they should have a way of earning an honest living instead of bumming off working citizens. Maybe you like lazy people on welfare and supporting them with our tax dollars, but most normal people don’t.


Tell the biden, bo, commie laden dems that test stuff for all far left illegal foreigners that have invaded the U.S.A. with biden, bo treasonous acts of dictator abused power crimes !


What are you talking about? The illegals are not leaving an oppression government. They are coming because America has more benefits than Chili or Brazil. Biden invited them. There’s nothing. Legal about this. You must be a total follower of democrat and media propaganda.


These illegals are biden, bo, dem dictators future slaves after eliminating U.S. Patriots !


F Joe Biden and all the people who support him


Especially bo & hilary !


Those guys are RETIRED they don’t have any more authority than you or I do to get anything done.


Because it suits their narrative, the way they want America to become Sosialist/communist!


U.S. Military knows the biden, bo treason is fact but 1st the appointed pentagon chief has to be indicted then the commie dems for high treason crimes, insurrection, dereliction of duty & aiding U.S. enemies !

Trebor Retsbew

I suppose everyone has an opinion on everything, and these persons are no different, now as every report says that older ex military say they support Trump but the young active duty say other wise, and Trump had the lowest approval rating, of active duty military, of any previous President and even lower than Carter when he was President. I served under Carter and that in it self says a lot. i think saying half of active duty were unhappy with Trump is an understatement as I live where military members come to the beach and party alone and with families it was not uncommon to hear negative remarks about Trump in the conversations at bars and places to eat.
Half of active-duty service members are unhappy with Trump, new Military Times poll shows


You lying pos! You didn’t even serve your country so go eff yourself!

Harry O

Click in the link Conservative. Come on don’t be afraid, you won’t burst into flames! That article isn’t lying, is it C 🙂

Rebecca Susan Wildeman

With looking back one can absolutely see that the District of Columbia & its units within the American states on both sides has been infiltrated with members who follow the physical religion of Unity that destroys anything that looks like the true history of Spiritual awareness. Americans lost their minds with the World unity program. Treason stands today against What is True and Good. Witch craft works everywhere now truly exposing the words of Yashua. One can see what intentions be coming with evil sacrificing of those who brought them into the world to set something so evil that was exposed as an Abomination throughout the history of the Word of God from beginning to the end.


Total B.S. !!


If that’s true ,what do you expect when Trump got 99% negative coverage from media lying about him. Impeached for a phone call, if you deny he was lied about then you can’t recognize the truth because of constant propaganda from media. Same as Nazi Germany. So much they could not even believe they were losing the war until the allies reached Berlin.

A. Lloyd

You say you served , where , every one that I know who served in the US military including myself thought PRESIDENT TRUMP was far better than the president before him & after him . AT least he loves AMERICA !


Yep; you are another #1 example of dem a– liars & commie propaganda with bo’s stench of treason !


Sorry Mr. Robert Webster but I thought I would spell your name backwards to offer you some anonimity just in case you needed it. Not sure you really believe these stats you posted here but I am still involved with our military and I don’t hear those type of statements you are referring to as much as you seem to say they’re making. I find a good majority of our young people are not as dumb as that. All of this stuff is easy to research and find thru archives and to say that Trump rated lower than anyone is assinine. You people are trying to make our young troops appear as not too smart and you do this because you think it’s safer to say it here because they’re military and can’t talk back to you. It’s only because of the left’s interference in their affairs that things got so tangled up trying to appease you guys. But then again, what do I know about it? I’m just one of those, as you say, a flat worlder with many years with the military, old and new, sporting a 150 IQ and a memory like a steel trap, and I spotted you spelling your name backwards for some reason, but DUH? What do I know about anything? So I guess you’re safe because we’re gonna float right off the side of our flat world anyway!

Harry O

Gag, wretch, heave, splat. Sorry? Hang Mike Pense!

Felipe F. Blount

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They supply the kneepads and mouthwash or do you supply your own ?

Steven Adams

The actual content of the post does not match the headline. The “military” is NOT retired army and navy officers. Also, nowhere in the article is Biden’s mental fitness challenged. BOGUS!

Mark Gravitte

The old senile son-of-a-bitch hasn’t accomplished even one single thing his entire miserable life. Let me tell you what I do know, obiden is a pedophile, a liar, a thief, a manipulator, a deceiver, an adulterer, a con man, a racist an egotist, a pathetic subspecies of the human species. What’s the crazy son-of-a-bitch going to do, put 180 million of us in prison. I think not. I am hoping and praying that the Mossad will soon make a move thereby sparing we American Patriots from any more pain. Amen.


Yes he has , he produced a worthless junkie dopeheaded Son and he seems to be very proud of that .

william g munson

If a Court refuses to hear then ban the Court and Block those Judges from entering into the Building Period


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Last edited 24 days ago by furda

Of corse Biden didn’t win and recently no one thinks he could pass a cognitive test and we found out Obama is the ring master of the Biden circus . Biden is a puppet,or a ventriloquist dummy , either way he isn’t a leader or the leader .either way he’s not our acting president or our duely elected president .


It is so shady. When the primaries began Biden had no chance in hell of winning. But then suddenly everyone dropped out because Obama offered each of them some sort of reward so that he could in serve a 3rd term thru puppet Joe because unlike the other candidates Joe didn’t have a brain of his own. SO we now have Obama continuing to destroy our country while Biden stumbles around incoherently and the media covers up for him. We need to take our country back from these traitors!


Can someone moderate these message boards please.


They the [democ-rats] are not trying to hide anything they just don’t care, they are in power and intend to stay there, so that leaves only one option if the courts won’t remove creepy joe and the ho. it is up to the people to do what must be done or live on your knees for the rest of your life.


The Daily Mail is more aware and honest in its reporting of American issues than is the American press. The mainstream American press is shameful.


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It’s about time somebody stood up and said this out loud!


I agree 1000% with these gentlemen & women. I do not know what to do anymore. Companies like Chase and PayPal (to name just a few) refuse to let donations to republicans go thru their sites. “Your card was declined”. NOT insufficient funds. So I wonder why & with what right they have to stop me from donating to my people.

Mark Gravitte

obiden is a fucking idiot! Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him. It will take 20 years to dig out of this hole that the stupid son-of-a-bitch threw us in. Sure it’s personal because it effects our future generations. God’s judgment on these people can’t come soon enough and this they cannot alter, change or control.


Thank you Mark !


U.S. Military is obligated to indict & prosecute biden , bo shadow with cronies for high treason , dereliction of duty, aiding & abetting U.S. enemies isis, taliban and china, russian commies ! A U.S. Military trial is mandatory for high treason criminals bo, biden with dem’s & supporting cronies !

Camille Gilliam

Biden has been a liar his whole life.


Yep we had Honest Abe Lincoln and now we have Lyin’ Joe Biden . And what’s worse , there is an entire mob of Lying and un- American Democrats right behind him


Hey moderators, GET RID OF THE FCUKIGN SPAMS. We want to see ONLY posts that are relevant to the ARTICLES!

Or are you MODERATORS the ones posting the SPAM?!?!


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Then why aren’t you on line making mone or is this Jacks day Off ?


I agree with the 120 generals, this man is sick, and his staff is daft, Pelosi is a commie, and all are marxists, the 2020 elections was fradulent. all of them. Plain as the azzz on a baboon..


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alicia cervera



When fraud is committed in an election for President or others, such as for Senate or the U.S. Congress, it should be considered “TREASON” against the United States. It is nothing less than an attempt to overthrow the Government and the will of the people. It should be a Life in Prison or a Death Sentence offence, period!

Mark Gravitte

Fraudulent? Well no shit! We knew the corrupt bastard would cheat when he announced his candidacy for president.

Jacquelyn Scamardo

This page is loaded with bots using page to say they make so much money. Also bots discriminating President Trump. Seems this page could be loaded down with Chinese Bots.

Valerie Anne Eggers

Well, we know the military is aware of what is happening. Their oath is to the Constitution, so what will they do about it?

David Carlisle

The military has the ability to do something about the coup. Much like the Democrats have the ability to seize the government and military by deception [they deceive the minorities into thinking their on their side, harvest their votes to stay in power all the while supporting the abortion/killing/MURDER of minorities {52% of Planned Parenthood facilities are in minority neighborhoods AND by Planned Parenthood’s own records 52% of the women obtaining abortion are minorities making the victims of abortion/MURDER minorities} in the womb to maintain white supremacy] and occupy Washington DC while they install their ‘President’.

Brian Connolly

I like your article and sentiments expressed in the letter, but don’t think it reflects the
position of the current military hierarchy. They are mostly Obama and Biden appointees,
and terrible liberal, progressive, woke, communist anal pores.

Orange peel

Unless our justice system corrects it self there will be no honorable elections. The democrats have become enemy of America. Our military is run by Obama’s trained monkeys. Congress has become cowards and traitors. Unless the people rise up and take back America the country will be in hell for years to come.


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Mountain man

Want to stop illegal elections? Simple…just catch a few vote counters out in the parking lot..and have a face to ball bat talk


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I whole heartedly agree with these retired Military people. In fact it is my own sperate belief that many others who are serving this nation in our government are guilty of the worse criminal offenses agrainst this Republic than we have witnessed in over a hunfred years. It is my belief that it started decades ago and built up the present day times. We do not all have to be of the same political ideology as we are all different. However, I do believe that to campaign before the general public and ask them for their financial support and cast their one and only vote to have a say in their own government, only to see some of the anti Constitution stunts that the Democrat Pary member who were elected to Congress this time and last time is appaulling to We the People. The Democrats for the most part have turn against the very Constitution to which they swore an oath to protect and preserve for this and future generations of Americans has been only to attack and destroy that which they were elected to Preserve and Protect. Lying to the voting public should be charged with Treason.


I thought comments were suppose to be about the article. who gives a crap about what some phony is making with the scam job? Biden needs to be thrown out.

John Newman

Who controls JOE BIDEN?????? He doesn’t make ANY DECISIONS…..

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