Podcaster Megyn Kelly is known for keeping her cool but honestly, after seeing her liberal guest accuse her of pandering for views—It’s kind of easy to understand why she went ballistic.

Co-hosts of the “All-In” Podcast Jason Calacanis and David Sacks appeared on “The Megyn Kelly Show,” on Tuesday, where Kelly asked them about soft on crime policies and how they’ve contributed to crime rates, including mass shootings. “We’ve seen the crime rates go up in our major cities and in particular, the murder rates go up in our major cities massively over the past couple of years,” Kelly said in the episode.

“And there’s no question, the pandemic played some role in that, for sure. But the soft on crime policies played a massive role as well,” she continued, “What we’re seeing right now, also a weird phenomenon in the past month or so, since Buffalo, since Uvalde, since we’ve seen, more and more coverage of shootings pop up, those were mass shootings. There’s no question about that. But now you start to hear CNN, you read the New York Times, you listen to the Biden White House, some Democrat politicians — They describe everything as a mass shooting, like four people shot at the grocery store, wherever it’s a mass shooting.”

Calacanis interjected Kelly’s discussion and said, “How many people need to die in a shooting, Megyn, or get hit by a bullet for you to consider it a mass shooting? Is it four? Is it seven?”

“Let me finish my point, Jason. As I was saying before you interrupted me, I’m not trying to dispute the use of the word ‘mass,’” Kelly continued, “What I’m trying to dispute is the attempt to now say we’ve gotta get guns because of all the mass shootings, the mass shootings are what justify our newfound push on gun control.” Calacanis interrupted Kelly again, repeating his question, “So how many people need to die in a mass shooting for it to be–”

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“Why don’t you answer my question since you’re here as the guest?” Kelly responded, cutting him off. Calacanis ignored the question, instead saying, “I think you’re conflating a lot of different issues in a very partisan way to get ratings.” (RELATED: Elon Musk Doesn’t Think He’s Ever Voted Republican. He Says He Will In 2022)

“That’s bullshit! Don’t question my motives. This is where you — you turn into kind of an asshole!” Kelly spat back, “I’m giving you my honest analysis. And for you to say that I am misleading the audience for ratings is a prick thing to say, you don’t know me.

“I’ve made my name and made my business based on honest journalism. I realize you may be number 26 worldwide, but you’ve never done real journalism at the level I have in your life. So I don’t need a lecture from you about ratings. I am here to deliver honest information to my audience. That’s what I’m doing. You can disagree with my point without getting personal,” Kelly concluded, shutting Calacanis down after what had been a fairly pleasant and friendly conversation up until that point.


Personally, I think she remained pretty cordial, considering. To me, Jason seemed way out of his league here. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Erica Carlin

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Good for Kelly. Left unchallenged they will continue to obfuscate at every opportunity.. Never let these bunch frame the debate to fit their agenda. When discussing schools, my first question is aways where do you live and where do or did your children attend?


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Carolyn Hodges

Wellll, in the 50s we went to a small school with a double front door only locked at night and an open, unlocked door at each end of the one long hall, because the girls 4 seater outhouse was outside the west door and the boys outhouse was outside the east door. And when we were in high-school there were several pickups with one or two guns in back window gun racks. And our principal only worried about unlocked doors that couldn’t prevent theft. I just think life is going seriously downhill.


Its public manipulation 101. If you use headline, 6 people shot in bank heist, the publics reaction is tougher laws, tougher policing. That is not the current narrative so instead headline reads 6 people shot in mass shooting. That immediately makes people think political, left wing extremists, right wing extremists. Its manipulation, causing hate and division in the public forum. Its why currently a large proportion of the current political violence belongs squarely at the feet of your press. Its about time someone sued them for this very reason. The current corruption of your free press is costing lives
The man she is arguing with has blood on his hands, he is not a journalist, he is a political hack. A parasite praying on death, hate, division for an ideology

Last edited 16 days ago by Ben
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Patrick Loubriel


Sherrill Davis

If the clowns that want people not to buy guns then they need to enforce our laws.Their BS about not stopping the violence after the George Floyd murder was exactly that BS. What I have seen going on in this country has made me want to buy a gun for the first time in my life. When I was in the Army I was an Expert with the M16A-1 rifle and I have never owned a gun nor desired to own a gaun, but what I have seen going on under the Biden Administration has changed all of that.


I did not appreciate her use of filthy language. Is that what journalism has become?


If you consider the mild descriptive words that she used “filthy”, you certainly must lead a very sheltered life.


Calcasieu received a well deserved tongue lashing from his host for his rudeness.


Megyn . Is a well respected objective and fair journalist


Jason Calacanis is a typical progressive. He lacks objectivity and respect for those who hold a different view than his own. For him truth is his opinion.

Ann Jarrell

Good on you for slamming the door on that jerk. “How many people have to die for it to be a mass shooting. That’s the Megyn I love. Unlike the Megyn who asked Donald that awful question right out of the debate gate. Oh well…

Carolyn Hodges

Look at New Zealand since they got strict gun laws like the demonrats want. Criminals with guns robbing stores and HOMES because they can laugh at the chance of being shot by the people they want to rob. And they go to their car and speed off just as police arrive, who cannot chase them because of the chance of danger from high speed chase. Criminals are laughing and getting rich in New Zealand.

gilbert j

Megan, Instead of saying B.S. Say that is “bovine solution” abbreviation and meaning are the same, but sounds like he is to dumb to know the difference!! LOL!


Oh, for Heaven’s sake, forget the appeasing – just call it like it is.

Micky, the Mouse

Kelly, as usual did an outstanding job. She invited a total jerk for a very frank and honest discussion, but he just had to turn it into a personal issue. The “guest” would have made look so much better if he had just answered the question instead of proving that he’s a no nothing so-called journalist. He’s the kind of person that makes a statement, doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, to make him sound like really knows something about nothing. Kelly, keep up the great work, and continue to out these buttwipes in their true place in journalism, the trashcan.

Ursus Logicus

Both of them are correct.


NO, Megyn is correct, the a*shole is not. Guns are not the problem. I’ve had a gun for about 81 years, and to the best of my knowledge, it has never left my home, gone on the hunt, and shot anyone or anything. The shooters are the problem, and mass shootings will never end until all restrictions on concealed carry are removed and all “Gun Free Zones” are eliminated. The criminal psychopaths don’t give a damn about the laws. They know that there are already about 20,000 gun laws on the books and that is the first thing “woke” liberal socialist communist democrat prosecutors plea bargain away. The psychopaths out to kill KNOW the “Gun Free Zones” is an easy target, so that is their first choice for a shooting range.



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