Megyn Kelly Dismisses Michelle Obama’s Chances Of Running For President

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Megyn Kelly dismissed speculation about Michelle Obama running for president, saying the Former First Lady has “no faith” in the American people and would likely face backlash.

Rumors about Obama running for president have picked up steam as Joe Biden continues to fall flat on his face.

While Democrats see Obama as a potential “savior”, Kelly predicted that Obama would drive Republican turnout because she doesn’t “like America.”

Michelle Obama….

Kelly looked back at Obama’s infamous comment about being “proud” of America for the first time during her husband’s 2008 campaign – just one among many polarizing comments about race.

Since leaving the White House, Obama has continued to take shots at Americans – saying she straightened her hair during her time at the White House because the people weren’t “ready” for a First Lady with African features.

Kelly gave an incredulous reaction to Obama’s continued griping about the supposed evils of Americans, who voted for her and her husband twice – rocketing them both to wealth and fame.

“Really? I mean it’s the same country that made Oprah Winfrey an absolute billionaire, and I watched that show daily and Oprah wore her hair however the hell she wanted,” Kelly responded.

“But this woman has no faith in the goodness of Americans.”

Shadow government

Despite her Oprah-like popularity, Michelle Obama has long said she has no interest in politics – opting instead for a life of leisure as a beloved celebrity and media personality.

Whether Michelle runs or not, the Obamas may already have a foothold in a second Biden administration.

Kelly noted the speculation that the Obamas are “already running the government and that there is some sort of shadow puppet situation going on that they’re controlling.”

“There’s been questions from the beginning — is it Joe Biden really making the calls?” she asked.

Interest in the Obamas – and their role in shaping a deeply divided country – was renewed last month when a lengthy interview was published with biographer David Garrow.

The article made note of President Obama’s unusual decision to continue residing in Washington D.C. after leaving office – and rumors that Biden officials, many of whom are Obama veterans, have regular meetings at Obama’s house.

Kelly’s comments appeared to strike a nerve at the White House, which offered a snarky response. 

“Who is Megan Kelley? [sic] Is she a Whole Foods employee?”




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