Megyn Kelly And Glenn Greenwald Highlight The Sick Behavior During Recent ‘Pride’ Events

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The recent Pride-orgy events across America and Canada have been met with disapproval from Megyn Kelly, and rightly so.

The revolting displays of perversion that took place at these events were thoughtless and misguided, leaving children and families in attendance exposed to activities no one should ever be subjected to.

In Seattle, Washington, fully nude men riding bicycles exposed themselves to children in front of their own families. In Toronto, nudists wearing hats marched alongside a group of children who could not escape the sight before them.

Videos show a group of naked men playing around a fountain surrounded by kids. On top of this obscenity, a stage decorated with Bud Light branding featured dancers dressed in fishnets, nipple stickers and strange sock-like masks; it was an unpleasant visual for all those present.

Not only did these indecent scenes bring shame upon the LGBT community as a whole but it also reinforced stereotypes that do nothing but discredit any progress made towards so-called ‘equality’.

It is clear that these ‘activists’ are more concerned about making headlines than helping further social acceptance or tolerance – which is evident when considering their infamous chant during New York City’s march: “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children.”

For anyone familiar with Megyn Kelly’s career as an outspoken journalist and commentator on Fox News Channel she has always been vocal about her opinions on controversial topics – especially when it comes to protecting innocent children from harm or exploitation.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that she found such sick behavior unacceptable. During a recent segment of her show, she recounted her own experience dealing with public nudity in France – describing how she walked into a sauna only to find two people completely naked – one man who appeared elderly accompanied by his wife who was “charitably” obese – revealing how uncomfortable such an encounter was for her family at the time.

What happened at these marches can only be described as disgraceful conduct. There is no excuse nor justification whatsoever for what occurred there or why parents would allow their young ones to witness such indecency firsthand – especially if they were unaware prior to attending the event.

This kind of reckless behavior should not be tolerated under any circumstances. Kelly has taken action against it publicly condemning those responsible despite potential backlash from other members within the LGBTQ+ community itself .


Others should follow suit and speak out against such repulsive actions if social progress truly matters because allowing this type of conduct continue will only result in set backs within our society today .

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