‘Meet The Press’ Confronts Reality: ‘Democrats Don’t Want Biden Around’

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NBC’s ‘Meet The Press’ sort of derailed on Sunday. Host Maria Kumar was doing the normal song and dance where the media tries to cover up for Biden’s failures. According to her, Biden’s policies don’t suck, it’s his communication:

“his [Biden’s] challenge is that he hasn’t been able to communicate to the American people what he’s done. I mean we can say that the difference between Donald Trump and the difference with Biden, is Biden is a policy President so he’s going to make fundamental changes for a generation. And we’re talking about student loan relief, we’re talking about bringing back manufacturing and the list goes on.”

Now, it’s obvious to everyone that Biden’s ‘communication is off. The guy forgot the details of his own son’s death and has repeatedly forgotten his own name. However, that’s not Kumar’s point. She’s trying to say that Biden needs to do more finger pointing—More so than he already does.

They’re actually considering a Biden 2024 ticket and that’s laughable at this point. She also goes on to seed fear against Trump and MAGA voters, despite the fact that Trump has not announced another run.

The short of her argument is that Biden’s communication might be trash but those MAGA people are ‘dangerous’.

That’s when guest, former Govenor Pat McCrory stepped in and broke the news to the windbags:

“Biden can’t go on TV because 401ks are down 20-25 percent because of the price of eggs is more than we ever paid in our lifetime. Because gas is going up. The Democrats don’t want Biden around. Republicans right now the last four weeks, they just had the super-PAC ads.”


One thing that isn’t mentioned that I think is weighing heavy on America right now is the potential threat of a nuclear war. Democrats are inching the world closer to WWIII and that’s simply not a partisan issue. Their continual support of war efforts in Ukraine had edged the US into a bigger nuclear threat than the Cuban missile crisis—Voters know it.




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