Medical Researchers Are Adding Penises To Female Dogs And Cadavers

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In 2018, the medical journal Sexual Medicine published a study conducted by Zhuming Yin and his team from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College.

The team aimed to create a one-step prosthesis-free dynamic cavernosal reconstruction method using bilateral innervate gracilis muscles.

This process involves surgically altering female clitorises and thigh muscles to construct artificial penises for transvestites.

The researchers cited an increasing number of patients with gender dysphoria as one justification for their work, as well as an increased demand for anatomically, functionally, and aesthetically pleasing penile reconstructions.

These procedures have become more popular in recent years, especially in the U.S., where diagnoses of gender dysphoria among minors aged 6-17 have skyrocketed from 15,172 in 2017 to 41,167 in 2021.

The study has sparked outrage amongst feminists demanding answers from animal rights activists about their silence on this matter.

A cohort study recently published in JAMA Network Open found that sex-change operations nearly tripled from 2016 to 2019 using data from the Nationwide Ambulatory Survey Sample and the National Inpatient Sample.

While existing surgical methods had been available for women seeking sex changes, they were complex and associated with a variety of complications such as erectile dysfunction, infection, and protrusion.

To develop an alternative one-stage procedure, Yin and his team conducted dissection on 10 human cadavers aged 38 to 73 before performing penile reconstruction surgery on 11 female dogs aged 11 to 13 months.

The results provided proof of concept for transforming thigh muscles, skin flaps, and corpora cavernosa into male phalli.

“Each dog after surgery was equipped with a large-sized Elizabethan collar to prevent the animal from biting and licking the surgical site,” said the study. “The animals were examined daily within 2 weeks after surgery until the wound healed completely.”

The Chinese scientists then subjected the transmogrified creatures to further trials, electrocuting the dogs’ transplanted thigh muscles to evaluate whether their modified parts would possess “sufficient hardness to complete sexual intercourse.”

As a final act of kindness, Yin’s team euthanized all of the test subjects after seven months of assessments, with the exception of one canid that expired during surgery.

The artificial penises on the cadavers were then taken for further examination.

Researchers at the Center for Gender Surgery, Boston Children’s Hospital have already applied these Chinese experiments in service of transgender individuals in America.

In October 2022, they referenced this study as evidence for a surgical technique which could help “transgender men achieve penetrative function after phalloplasty.”

The feminist publication Reduxx drew attention to the study Sunday, as well as the recent efforts of critics to raise awareness among People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

One feminist wrote to PETA, “You protest against milking cows; how about protesting against something truly horrible?”

“Yet when they were testing women’s cosmetics on rabbits – there were world wide protests. what could the difference be?” wrote another self-described feminist.

“They experimented on female dogs in the name in gender ideology and trans ‘health care,'” wrote another feminist. “They butchered them and sewed on fake penises. Another horror in the miles long ever expanding list of horrors to come out of this madness.”

The X account Real Parents of Loudoun County cast doubt on the purported ethical nature of the Chinese experiments and
stressed, “It’s time to end these practices. No one is born in the wrong body.”

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