Media ‘Think Tank’ Strategizes How To Stop GOP Investigations Into Democrats

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In about a month we can expect the GOP to launch several investigations into key Democrats and officials who upheld tyrannical rule over Americans during the pandemic. We’re also ready to see what happens with the upcoming Hunter Biden laptop investigations and how far that goes.

While the rest of the US waits to find out the truth, the media is working overtime trying to figure out what can be done to stop the investigations

MSNBC’s Alex Witt started panicking during a segment of her Saturday show Alex Witt Reports that the Biden Administration will be held accountable for the border crisis that’s been unfolding for the past two years. Witt especially lost it when Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy promised to investigate Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and possibly impeach him if he doesn’t resign.

After airing his statement on the incoming House Republican majorities’ plans for Mayorkas, Witt went to Democrat Congressman Mike Quigley for his reaction: “His threats of investigations, if the secretary doesn’t resign. Is this what we can expect if Kevin McCarthy becomes Speaker of the House? Leadership by bullying? Is this an inappropriate tone or approach to address issues with immigration?”

The show then cut away to play a clip of McCarthy vowing to now allow Democrats like Eric Swalwell security clearance, referring to the Democrat’s past ties with a Chinese spy. McCarthy also vowed to remove key Democrats from active committees citing bias.

Witt snapped, “I’m sorry, I will not allow him? What is your response to this? Is there anything Democrats can do to stop this from happening or would it take Republicans putting pressure on McCarthy to quit with the threats and is there any chance that will happen?”


Quigley tried to downplay whats instore for Democrats saying that “there’s a small chance and I think there’s a handful of Republicans that can see this for what it is. The fact of the matter is, I served with — Congressman Schiff and Eric Swalwell for almost eight years now on those committees. And again, McCarthy is letting policy disagreements get way ahead of the game here.”




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