Media Shocked After Trump Proven Right Again, Democrats Silent

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More than a year ago, back in April 2020, President Donald Trump was suggesting zinc used with Hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for the COVID-19 pandemic virus. Remember, back then we didn’t really know all that we know now about the virus. Leftists attacked Trump almost immediately because he pushed zinc and the drug Hydroxychloroquine together as a treatment for the virus.

Leftists in the Fake News media went all apoplectic on Trump’s comments claiming he was not following the “science.” Because of the media’s negative preconceived notions about Trump, they always erred on the side that he was doing something wrong or even evil.

They were stupid enough to believe Trump simply made up the combination of zinc and Hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for the COVID virus. It never occurred to them that as President of the United States he would have access to medical people in the know, to reports of what doctors around the world were doing to combat the virus for their patients.

So the Democrats attacked Trump and their boot-licking sycophants in the Fake News industry colluded together to exploit the deaths caused by the virus as a weapon to attack Donald Trump.

The colluders pushed the idea that Trump wasn’t following the science even though he was getting his information from real doctors in the field treating real COVID patients who were using Hydroxychloroquine and zinc to treat them with tremendous effects.

For example, a doctor in Los Angeles revealed that his patients went from being “very ill” to “symptom free” within 8 to 12 hours after administering the combo treatment.


The doctor pointed out that Hydroxychloroquine opens up the cells to let the zinc inside and that blocks the replication of the virus in the body. Amazing!

Hydroxychloroquine and zinc are both very inexpensive. There was no real need for an expensive vaccine when you have Hydroxychloroquine available, which has been on the market for decades mostly used to combat malaria in third world countries and is considered a tried-and-true drug by doctors throughout the world.

But Trump was the one who pushed it so the media, who had to continue to spell doom and gloom to the people, trashed the idea immediately. Actually, they went further than trashing Trump’s idea. They called him a menace for even talking about the combo treatment.

The media did fact checks that said it was an unproven method of treatment. Governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo declared the use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients was banned, and all because Donald Trump mentioned it.

You would think that under the hyperbolic reporting going on about the pandemic virus the media would be covering any story of potential solutions, but they did the exact opposite. They had a mission to accomplish to get rid of Trump and there would be no good solutions, not yet.

Think about the culpability of our press for the thousands of Americans who died who we now know could have had their lives saved if the bigots in the media didn’t use the power of the press to trash the idea of using Hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

On Wednesday, Yahoo! News did a report that Trump’s recommendation of usage of Hydroxychloroquine and zinc increases survival rates for patients suffering from COVID-19 by 2.9 times more than that of other coronavirus patients.

“A new study shows that the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine touted by former President Donald Trump increased the survival rate of severely ill coronavirus patients.

The observational study, published by medRxiv, found that antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, along with zinc, could increase the coronavirus survival rate by as much as nearly 200% if distributed at higher doses to ventilated patients with a severe version of the illness.

“We found that when the cumulative doses of two drugs, HCQ and AZM, were above a certain level, patients had a survival rate 2.9 times the other patients,” the study’s conclusion states.”

Don’t forget that Facebook and Twitter were the first ones to censor and ban a live-feed video of doctors from around the world holding a summit to discuss the success they were having using hydroxychloroquine and zinc. They just flat out refused to let anyone watch and listen to what licensed media doctors and other medical professionals were saying about how they were saving their patient’s lives using the combo treatment.

That makes those sites culpable for blocking the spread of vitally important information that could have saved millions of lives.

Here’s a video of a doctor that became very popular during the heydays of the pandemic. He was exposing that how the Democrats and their allies in the media and some in the medical field were exploiting the virus for political gains. This medical doctor’s videos were banned. He is a licensed medical doctor in California who was giving his medical opinion on treatments for COVID-19 and the tech tyrants banned him.


This entire episode comes out looking like the Left allowed a lot of people to die by censoring information about a COVID-19 treatment that was an overwhelming success for many doctors using it around the world and those people died for partisan political reasons to get rid of President Donald Trump.





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