Media and Democrats SILENT as 265 People Shot, 40 Murdered

Why is it that we will express our outrage over the viral video of white man using the N-word out of frustration forwards a verbally combative black woman, but we won’t bat an eye over “kill all whites” or “white bitch” coming from the mouth of a black person towards anyone white?

Why do we consistently make excuses for the violence in the black community, blaming their issues on lack of fathers in the homes, economic opportunity or even lack of education, but if a white person shoots up a school, we certainly place the due on the devil inside him?

We are numb to the videos showing mobs of black teens destroying stores or playing the knock out game and we can’t wait for a sports team to win their championship just to prove that white people do it too.

59 people were shot in Chicago this weekend (6 fatally) with a staggering 265 people shot in the first 19 days of August alone, resulting in 40 murders… and we say to one another, no longer under our breath, “wait until next weekend’s numbers.”

We are dumbing down the black community by accepting this behavior and treating them as if they are our little baby brother who just do not know any better, so let him pull your hair and give him the toy he wants.

The psychology behind this is no different how Mrs Kaspbrak treated her son Eddie in the Stephen King book, IT.

Eddie was treated as if him he was so sick he is about to die. He couldn’t go play with his friends, he was constantly medicated, and his mother made him feel as if his frail position made him much weaker than all of the children.

She used exploited Eddie so he would need her.

Exactly like Chicago democrats.

The result is both a healthy child is brainwashed into believing he is sick and the black community believes that violence and killing one another is what they are supposed to do.

Blacks are being taught to hate whites and whites are being taught to pity blacks and the powers that be are sitting back and enjoying the show.

Until we stop making excuses for one another and placing equality in the realm of accountability just as much as in opportunity, we won’t be out of this mess anytime soon.

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