Media Accuse Border Patrol Of Doing Their Job

It is a disgrace that the Biden administration has allowed the illegal migrant crisis to get to the point where Texas Governor Greg Abbott is forced to send the Texas National Guard to the border. This should never have been allowed to happen!

The Biden administration has done nothing to stop the influx of illegal migrants but instead has encouraged it by ending Title 42 and making it easier for them to cross the border.

The Texas National Guard is doing its best to protect our nation’s borders and prevent illegal migrants from entering, but they are being met with sadness and despair. We should be appalled that our government is allowing this tragedy to unfold and not doing anything to stop it.

Every American should be outraged at this injustice and demand that our government stop this crisis from getting any worse. We must do everything we can to ensure that our borders are secure and that illegal migrants are not allowed to enter our country.

“A dramatic scene on Texas’ U.S/Mexico border,”  Villafranca observed before adding that “before sunrise, Texas National Guard troops arrived to put a razor wire fence alongside the banks of the Rio Grande. Texas Governor Greg Abbott sending 400 more National Guard troops to the El Paso border in an attempt to block the flow of migrants into the U.S.”

He even complained that the National Guard is “getting on a bullhorn every once in a while and telling people you can’t be here. You being here on this side is illegal, you need to move on and they’re telling them to go to different points of entry. But what we found out when they’re going to other points of entry, Customs and Border Patrol is not letting anybody in.”

Attempting to turn illegal immigrants into sympathetic figures, Villafranca interviewed a woman from Venezuela who was attempting to sneak into the United States.

“27-year-old Yaneisy Martinez, and her three children wait to cross the border, they’ve been traveling for three months from Venezuela. They would give us the opportunity to come in, she says, only to put up a fence instead,” Villafranca grieved.

“Her 3-year-old daughter is sick in her arms. She hopes to get to her brother in North Carolina. I asked her what did she want to tell President Biden and she said she want a chance to get inside.”


It is time for the Biden administration to take action and protect our borders. conclusion: The Biden administration has failed to protect our borders and the Texas National Guard is being forced to do their job. We must demand that our government act now before the illegal migrant crisis gets even worse.


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