McCarthy’s House Speech On the Evil History of the Democratic Party: ‘…it’s time the Democrats changed the name of their party’ [VIDEO]

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On Tuesday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy talked about legislation brought up in the House that would remove the Confederate statues from the US Capitol.

It’s important because when you remove statues that have been around for 100 years out of the US Capitol you’re sending a message and McCarthy doesn’t want that message to get scrambled so that the Democrats can get away from their own history something that they have fought to do for decades.

It’s important because their history is rampant with evil that created the darkest periods of American history and they need to own it.

In a speech right from the House floor, McCarthy talked about his support for a bill that would call for the removal of Confederate statues from the Capitol building, pointing out that all of the statues in question are of Democrats.

“Madam Speaker — You’ve been a dear friend for a long time. You’ve been to my office,” the House GOP leader said, “and you know the portrait that hangs [there], the portrait of Abraham Lincoln. I’m proud that he was the first Republican President of the United States.

“I’m proud of the action he took in a defining time for our nation. The greatest challenge ever to our Constitution was the Civil War.

“The bill we’re voting on today we’ve voted on before. I supported it [in the past], and I support it now”

McCarthy understood what’s going on here. The Democrats are trying to erase their own history and at the same time, they were hoping that Republicans would argue against removing confederate statues not because they stand for the confederacy and what it stood for in slavery but because they are historic monuments that tell our history. But McCarthy wasn’t buying any of it.

At that point, his speech took a turn, one that has needed to be said for a very long time. Here’s where it gets good.

“But let me state a simple fact: All of the statues being removed by this bill are statues of Democrats.

“What’s interesting is the statues that need to be removed were sent to the Capitol by states that were majority-controlled by Democrats sent to a House that had a majority control by Democrats accepting of these statues.”

He went on. “I think the bill should go further. Maybe it’s time the Democrats changed the name of their party.”

After a solemn pause, McCarthy continued.

“They may be desperate to pretend their party has progressed from their days of supporting slavery, pushing Jim Crow laws, and supporting the KKK.”

Do you have any idea how many Americans don’t know the fundamental history of the Democratic Party? The Democrats have done a great job whitewashing their own history. A popular method they’ve used is in a cowardly fashion they worked hard to place the blame of their actions on “America.” It was “America” that did the things the Democrats did. No, that’s all wrong. It wasn’t “America” that ran the system of slavery, that pushed Jim Crow laws, that created pig laws and black codes, and ran segregation. That was the Democratic Party, and America was always at odds with the party and the evil they brought. There were always Americans who were against slavery, and against Jim Crow, and against segregation, and all the rest. It wasn’t America, it was the Democrats.

If you don’t know the history of that party then you can’t see that today they’re just extending what they used to be because they’ve never changed.

“But let’s be honest … if those fundamentals rest somewhere, we cannot let them,” McCarthy added.

“Let’s go through some of the words and actions of a few Democrats.

“Just a few years ago, then-Vice President Joe Biden praised Senator Robert Byrd, an ‘Exalted Cyclops’ in the Ku Klux Klan. In his eulogy for Byrd, he said ‘for a lot of us, he was a friend, a mentor, and a guide.’”

Many people don’t know this. They also don’t know that Joe Biden used to intentionally reach out to segregationist members of his party to work with on legislation. They don’t know it, because the Democrats control every means of communication including newspapers, Hollywood, academia, and more. Did you know that the Democrats voted to make Byrd, a former Klansman, the Senate Majority Leader twice?

“Another leading Democrat who praised Byrd was Speaker Pelosi. She called Byrd a friend, a great person, and a great American patriot.”

What’s interesting is that every time someone points out how Democrats cozied up to Klan members and segregationists they say that those people and the party have evolved. Yet, they will lie about Republicans saying that they have done things that are racist when they have no evidence. So it’s okay if a Democrat sides up with a known racist but it’s also okay to make up racist accusations against Republicans. These people are sick.

“Madam Speaker, today the Democrat Party has doubled down on what I consider a shameful history by replacing the racism of the past with the racism of Critical Race Theory.

“They continue to look at race as the primary means of judging a person’s character.” It’s obvious that the Democratic Party has thrown MLK’s vision out the window. I think they only ever supported Dr. King for political power.

“We saw this just last week,” McCarthy continued. “Senate Democrats voted to confirm one of President Biden’s appointees who said, ‘we must do everything in our collective power to realize Dr. Kendi’s vision for America.’

“Let’s be clear about what that vision is.

“Kendi, the author of ‘How to Be an Antiracist,’ proposed in his book that the solution to past discrimination is present discrimination.” He also wrote in the same book that the solution for present racism is future racism. To be clear, what he is saying is that for past racism against black people there needs to be racism built into federal statutes against white people now, today. And it’s all based on the racist notion that all white people are born racist. The definition of racism is the belief that a group of people are inferior or superior based on their race, and that is exactly what the Democrats are doing.

The GOP leader added, “That’s what the person who is now in charge of the personnel of the entire federal government is endorsing.

“And this divisive vision isn’t confined to just one person or department.

“The Navy included Kendi’s book on its official reading list for sailors and the Department of Education has praised the debunked 1619 Project, citing it as an example of what should be taught to our children.” The Democrats want to indoctrinate lies about our country to our children, robbing them of their American birthright to love the greatest country ever created in the history of the world.

“Critical Race Theory is the governing ideology [of the entire] Biden administration. By advocating for it, Democrats continue to fuel hatred and division across the country.

“I agree with Senator Tim Scott: America is not a racist country.

“America must reject Critical Race Theory for the simple reason [that] state-sponsored racism is wrong and it always will be.” The Democrats believed in state-sponsored racism against black people because it benefitted them politically and economically and they believe in state-sponsored racism today because it benefits them politically and economically today.

“It was wrong when it was the segregated lunch counter of Jim Crow, and it is wrong when it is the segregated classrooms of Critical Race Theory.

“Our nation was built on a unifying vision from the beginning. As Lincoln said, we were ‘conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that we are all equal.’

“I’ll vote for this bill today just as I voted for it before, but Madam Speaker if we have [learned] anything, [it’s that] we should not divide our nation based on race.

“Madam Speaker, you know my heart and I know yours. There are times we might disagree on philosophy or how best to run a government, but we never disagreed by judging someone by the color of their skin.

“I hope we take this moment and this opportunity, as we promised before, to strive to be a more perfect union.

“I yield back.”


Democrats will have a Pavlovian response to this by shouting out the so-called “southern strategy” because they were taught by their Democrat masters that the evil Democrats switched parties with the Republicans in the south and now the Democrats are the non-racist party, thereby cleansing them from all of their evil histories. Don’t let them get away with that, because it’s all nonsense.

The southern strategy in reality was nothing more than Richard Nixon asking southern Democrats why they kept voting for Democrats who kept creating racist laws.

Of the over one hundred Dixiecrats, only two became Republicans: Strom Thurmond in the Senate and a guy named Wilson in the House. The rest of them lived the rest of their lives and died as Democrats. The reason the south became Republican had nothing to do with the mythical imaginations of Democrats but because the south became less racist.

Share this with as many people as you can. The truth needs to be said because you cannot have a nation thrive that is built on lies about its history.

Whether it will do any good remains to be seen as Democrats are probably already attacking his words, but regardless, bravo to Kevin McCarthy for speaking truth to power.




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