Minnesota National Guard Targeted in Drive By Shooting Hours After Rep. Maxine Waters Told BLM To Be ‘More Confrontational’

Lock her up! Just a few hours after Maxine Waters, a placeholder in the House, told them rioters in Brooklyn Center that they needed to be more confrontational in that Minneapolis suburb, there was a drive by shooting at the national Guard troops. In legal terms that is inciting to riot. If it is incitement for President Trump telling people to march peacefully to the Capitol then telling people tom be more confrontational is definitely incitement.

The drive by shooting just hours after Waters instructing people to be more violent speaks for itself. The feds are investigating incitement by President Trump. Do you think they will open one on Waters? No way. She enjoys liberal privilege. It’s only a crime if a Republican says to march peacefully, but it is not a crime to tell people to be more confrontational that leads to a drive by shouting at the National Guard.

The 82-year-old California congresswoman broke the curfew as she was instructing the troops to become more violent if police officer, Derek Chauvin is found innocent. This should also be investigated as jury intimidation. You are telling them that their verdict of innocent would lead to riots. That creates a lot of pressure ion them especially if their names become public.

Already a witness in the trial had his home vandalized with a severed pig’s head and blood. There is not a thing them domestic terrorists will not do, so I imagine that is a huge worry for the jurors.

The Gateway Pundit

Local news station WCCO reports that the Minnesota National Guard said its members, along with Minneapolis police officers, were “providing neighborhood security” near Penn and Broadway avenues when someone fired shots from a white SUV.

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The shooting took place shortly after 4 a.m.

Two members of the guard had minor injuries. One of them was taken to the hospital with cuts from shattered glass.


“I am relieved to know none of our Guardsmen were seriously injured,” said Maj. Gen. Shawn Manke, the Adjutant General of the Minnesota National Guard . “This event highlights the volatility and tension in our communities right now. I ask for peace as we work through this difficult time.”

“We’ve got to stay in the streets, and we’ve got to demand justice,” Waters told the militant leftists.

“We’re looking for a guilty verdict,” the representative added, speaking of Chauvin.

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I never liked her on sanford and son.


That’s where I seen thatButt Ugly Face before she showed up in Congress.

Last edited 22 days ago by N A
Ray Copeland

I didn’t know that she was ugly and stupid back then, but now when you look at this thing you will go blind, and talking about brain dead, but the idiots put crap like this and the low-life Muslims in our USA office.

TJ Burke

Whatchew talk’n ’bout Willis? :o)


That is mean the actress who played on that show was much much better looking and far far smarter.


This should NOT be tolerated by ANYONE never mind a person who is in OUR Government!! She should be expelled immediately!! This woman has on numerous occasions invited not only violence but Division!!

Rachel Ann Parten

She should be in prison for life.


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (known as MTG) is drawing up papers for this. The left tried to expel her for a lot less and still are. This is why they left are so viciously after her. She already has impeachment paperwork she introduced to the floor to impeach Joe. Go to: greene2020. com. Sign, then pass this on to everyone you can. Collins- the young man who is going up against Waters also has letter to sign to get Waters expelled. idk his website though

Frederick G Behrens

Are there NO limits to the abominable thoughts and words that spew from this senile, addled, hateful political nincompoop? The Democrat Party should REALLY be very PROUD of this imbecilic dinosaur!!!!

Sharon Arrington

How can the justice system ignore the rantings of this asshole?


because she is a Democrat if she was a republican she would already be in jail but the FBI and Justice department are all Democrat

Al Barrs

If Maxine Waters didn’t commit “high crimes and misdemeanors” when she egged BLM to confront authority and “start a war”… She must be indicted, tried and put in prison for the rest of her sorry stealing life…

Vinny Meatballs

She and the rest of the Democrats will be lined up in Washington DC and hung for the public to view. This is my prediction.


Mad max should be arrested and charged with incitement!


Maxine must go. She is a danger to society and apparently is guilty of inciting a riot.
Sart the legal process of removing her, now.


Maxine Waters, You are a riot instigator! We don’t need or want you in Minnesota!! GO AWAY and STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


People are getting tired of this shit. Slowly and you can be sure, but surely, people are getting fed up with these crazy people like Waters running at the mouth. The police are almost being killed at the rate of 1 a day. At some point the police are going to say “enough is enough” and they are ALL going to call in sick for 48 hours and then you won’t have any police across this entire country. Then what the hell will happen? Black people have been getting shot and killed in Chicago for years and no one has done a damn thing about it. There is going to be a civil war in the country, sooner or later, unless people wake up and say “enough is enough” and bring some common sense and decency back into this conversation. It’s going to be ugly and bloody but I pray this doesn’t happen.

Donna Rivard

throw her butt in jail and she should be fired now!!


What is California Rep. Maxine Waters during in Minnesota??? She needs to take care of her own District–Mind your own business, Maxine. America can get along without your help–Does she think she is is sooo important she can parade around of America and mouth off by stirring up hatred???

Sandra Lee Smith

Race baiting, jury tampering, inciting violence… Did I miss anything?

Vic Bailey

This old witch only wants her rules and laws, but they are ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL, her being a Satanic Socialist Dumbocrap Communist Chinese Party member, she known she is WRONG, this a land of FREEDON Not a Tyrannical Government like her and the Elitist Bums want. Semper Fi.

Vic Bailey

Being she has already committed TREASON and inciting continual riots causing burning and killing, in her own words. A Firing Squad is what Waters needs or a Rubber Room for the rest of her useless life! Semper Fi.


Well it looks like MAD MAXI MAXINE WATER’S has BLOOD ON her HANDS by Now.!! With her Big Bass Mouth she’s done it NOW. She wanted to Go to Jail now she. Can. This will .make her FAMOUS.

Rachel Ann Parten

The national guards should sue her for everything she has.


Maxine has blood ope her hands again

Last edited 22 days ago by Aj

Maxine has blood on her hands again

TJ Burke

This ugly, hateful, nasty, sack of 82 years of vile afterbirth needs to be removed with the utmost urgency. These MSM and Libturb liars blamed President DJT for inciting actions and this nasty, nasty afterbirth runs them flappy gums without consequence? Maybe a huge heart attack will drop her in tracks…..? Hope so!


All Democraps should be booted from office on the same Charges they falsely tried President Trump for. They are the ones guilty of INCITING people to RIOT. BLM and ANTIFA are Domestic TERRORISTS and like the Democraps owned by Soros.


Time for this RACIST B*TCH to be brought down!!! By any means necessary!!!

James Harrison

Maxi Pad is nothing but a big mouthed toad along with the rest of the demonicrats. Where the hell is the military? Enough is enough. I understand some people need optics to realize what is truly going on, but we have seen and heard enough to know they all should be in jail for treason, inciting riots, high crimes and misdemeaners and insurrection. END IT NOW!!!!


How I see it is like several states are allowing people to carry guns without a permit. It is time we protect ourselves from these terrorists. Remember Barry on Sheriff of Mayberry, he was never allowed to put a bullet in his gun. That is exactly what we have done to our police officers and too many are getting hurt or killed. it is time that those who protect us protect themselves. My heart hurts seeing all the hate in America. Maxine and others are evil people.

Big Guy

Arrest Waters. She has violated a curfew, incited people to riot, crossed state lines to do it. Anybody dies, there is blood on her hands. Arrest her now, she is not above the law.

Ray Copeland

They need to put this brain dead back in the zoo cage.

Bob Trahan

Isn’t it time for the police and National guard to start shooting back?

Bob Trahan

They can’t send her back to Africa because she would scare all the animals away when she opens her mouth.


do not think she even realizes the damage she does to the Black community by her urging riots and killings BLM but soon no one will believe that they care about being a part of the communities . Civil war and riots are going to be out in the open and this BIG MOUTH (CONGRESS WOMAN1?) will be a big part of the reason. There even Blacks that denounce her and her antics

Mark Gravitte

Send in a damn Marine Sniper and end her reign of terror. For one dollar we can save America from her villainous ways.

Mark Gravitte

The face of Halloween.

doc hammer

Have we lost control of our country to the socialists and their new critical race theory? .Remember this is how the marxist style governments happen. The countries where this has happened have had their beliefs end in disaster. We have to take back our government by voting these progressive (marxist, socialist folks out and never allow them into our government again. can I get an amen folks?

N Tucker

Why is she not charged with jury tampering or inciting violence. This is criminal. Plus she crossed state lines to do this charge her federally. @USCongress expel her

Anony Mous

I’ve a better idea, Maj. Gen. Shawn Manke, the Adjutant General of the Minnesota National Guard, give your men live ammunition with orders to return fire and shoot to kill.
(And wouldn’t it be nice if Waters was one of those in the line of fire!)
Meanwhile, there WILL be an automatic re-trial on the basis of juror intimidation by Rep. Waters.. ““We’ve got to stay in the streets, and we’ve got to demand justice,” Waters told the militant leftists.
“We’re looking for a guilty verdict,” the representative added, speaking of Chauvin.
She needs to be IMMEDIATELY indicted on Jury intimidation AND incitement to riot.
If she’s not, that brown, smelly stuff that flows from her mouth, will ‘hit the fan’.
I’m looking forward to when the Republican’s retake the House and she, Pelosi, and a whole host of her fellow Democrats like AOC, Tlaib, and Omar will be censured and kicked out of the House for their comments and actions. (Assuming their idiot followers remain idiots and support them again.)
It would be a long time in the coming, long, long overdue justice.

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