MASSIVE BUST! ICE Arrested Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens In Georgia And The Carolinas—Then Something Incredible Happened

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It has been reported that approximately two hundred illegals have been arrested and detained by ICE agents in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

The full report and statistics for arrests will be released by the authorities on Monday. Although the names of the immigrants will not be released until tomorrow, reports indicate that a large percentage of the detained illegals had previous felony convictions including many child sex crimes, weapons, and assault charges.

If these details are in fact true, one has to wonder why all these arrests are just happening now. Why wasn’t it getting done long before?? Oh, I remember now. We now have a REAL MAN for a President.

Thank you, Mr. Trump, so doing your JOB!

From Fox 8:

While specific numbers weren’t available, ICE said “many” of the arrested individuals had prior felony convictions including violent charges like child sex crimes, weapons or assault charges.

An ICE official confirmed Atlanta had conducted a similar surge this week, and roughly 200 arrests were made in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina in a similar routine enforcement action. Texas Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro said in a statement that he had confirmed with ICE’s San Antonio field office that similar actions were conducted across Texas, calling the action “Operation Cross Check.” He said he would be following up to make sure the actions were targeting the worst offenders.

According Freedom Daily:

It was called Operation Cross Check. He maintained he would be ensuring that these operations were only targeting the worst of the worst offenders. Not peaceful citizens just going about their business trying to live their life. An important policy of liberals and progressives alike.

In California, one hundred and sixty-five arrests occurred too. It appears the Trump administration has made it clear the law enforcement there is a new sheriff in town and they want to make sure that violent illegal aliens are deported back to their countries where they belong. Unlike the open doors policy the former President had.

This is a nice change of pace from the former administration who allowed anyone and everyone to cross our borders. Who believed immigration to America was a right and not a privilege. It’s incredible that the law was enforced and now they’re being deported! We haven’t seen this in years!




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