Mass. Climate ‘Czar’ Said ‘We Have to Break Your Will’ To Blame the People for Needed Tax Increases To Fight Climate Change [VIDEO]

In an honest and forthright video (probably caught off-guard) that was leaked from a Zoom meeting, Massachusetts climate czar under anti-Trump pro-mail-in voting RINO Republican Charlie BakerDavid Ismay admitted what climate change policy is actually designed to do.

There’s a reason I call climate change and global warming crazies watermelons because while they are green on the outside, they are socialist red on the inside.  In other words, while they are pontificating and virtue signaling to the rest of us about how they are green and they are for a clean environment what they are really for is socialist policies that will be able to control as many people as humanly possible.  Don’t doubt me on this.

For example, Americans are forever facing gas tax increases because if you didn’t pay more money the climate change wins!   The state of Massachusetts is right now facing another seven cents increase in their gas tax.  Increasing taxes on gas is a way of stopping a lot of activity that would otherwise take place if people could afford to buy more gas.

David Ismay, the ‘climate czar’ of Massachusetts explained:

“Sixty percent of our emissions come from you and me… residential heating and passenger vehicles…”  So what?  We reported recently that the UN put out its Emissions Gap Report 2020 where they said that the United States does not need to rejoin the Paris Climate Accord because the US cleans up its mess better than any other industrialized nation in the world.

This dope is now threatening our ability to heat our own homes in the winter or to drive our vehicles, which is no longer a privilege but a necessity.

I told you it was about control.  This crackpot intends to regulate people out of being able to drive their cars or stay warm when it’s cold out on a supposed “science” that they claim is real based on a consensus.

Part of the history of the global warming crowd which later on had to change the name to Climate Change because they were told that we were actually in a cooling phase not a warming phase by the real scientists, is that back in the 70s when all this nonsense started, politicians we’re getting a message from their constituents that they were sick and tired of paying ever-increasing income taxes.  So the greedy b@$tards came up with a way to suck more of your income and to virtue signal you at the same time by telling you that you’re the reason for it all happening.  They are actually telling us in essence that the reason we have to pay more in taxes is that Americans just keep having a good time.

So now that they have squeezed as much as they can from businesses after decades of green policies, and the deadline that we’re all going to die keeps getting extended before the last deadline was met, they have a new solution which is to give up on the old belief that they can’t screw you, the American worker, out of even more of your wages.

“You…the senior on fixed income…There is no bad guy left–at least in Massachusetts–to point the finger at to turn the screws on and, you know, break their will so they stop emitting.  That’s you. We have to break your will.”


Ismay sees his role in government as to not protect the American people’s liberties but to “break their will.”  What kind of nut thinks that way?  He let the proverbial cat out of the bag by insinuating that the scam for years was that they wanted to go after more of your wages but they had to blame the cause for it on businesses and now they have reached the limit with them and have to go after John Q Public.   He knows what he’s saying is wrong because he openly said, “I can’t even say that publicly” after he made the statement.  So, he’s a backstabbing phony on top of it.

What’s also noticeable is that the others in the video don’t even skip a beat, blink an eye, or raise a single eyebrow.  It’s as if they were all on the same Woke Supremacy page.

Now that we have a Woke DC this is the kind of nonsense we’re going to have to deal with for the next four years.  That’s if we last that long as a country.


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Garland O Parks

The video put out by Gore on greenhouse gas is backwards false science, according to many reliable sources, and it’s a shame that the counter-attack video is kept out of sight. Gore says higher CO 2 causes temperature changes, and shows his chart with that and a temperature line alongside. Gore’s contention is that “AS the CO 2 rises, the temperature rises along with it. So CO 2 will cause us to suffocate in greenhouse gasses”. BUT According to real science, any rise in temperature causes the CO 2 level to rise, due to increased metabolic processes. But nothing will cause the temperature to rise above anything “normal” CYCLES that repeat on an up and down basis. Perhaps that’s why the Dems changed the term to “Climate CHANGE”, terms they have more elbow room to play with. Those “Sources”-Universities, European scientific societies as well, said our govt is lying and should drop it, but they plod onward in their story with full coop of the “Information Monopoly” they control. Now Europeans are hearing the same nonsense and the insults and assaults from the “Cancel Culture” who inflicts full frontal assaults on reason and reality, assured that they will win their battle if they can fool enough people about this, who’d say “WELL I DIDNT HEAR ANYTHING CONTRARY ABOUT THAT, AND EVERYBODY KNOWS it’s getting HOTTER”…everybody but scientists with measuring instruments and DATA from old records, that refute this stuff. The Arctic oceans continually flow, freezing and thawing, icebergs cracking up and refreezing, but someone with a lie and a camera can convince us of anything. Beneath the ice layer lay proof that the “ice caps” were once abundant with vegetation, trees and animal life. We ‘re under no threat other than that human nature to deceive and profit on lies.

Stuart Van Tine

If a researcher refuses to disclose his/her data and methodology to peers for review, there is a presumption that the research is a fraud. Phil Jones, the top dog of the Climate Research Unit at East Anglia University in the UK refused not only to disclose his data, he refused to let anyone know where he got it from. His “research” was an important factor in the Paris Accords. He emailed a colleague that if he was served a Freedom of Information demand for the info he would destroy it. He got the demand and, surprise, the data was gone. Lost in an office move. The Climate Cult believes this. Or claims to. Important data. No daily backups. No offsite storage of copies in case the lab burns down. No kidding. It’s a scam, people.


A thief who robs you doesn’t do it to help you.
A communist regime doesn’t establish itself to help you.
Oh they say that they do – but throughout ALL of history, when has it ever happened?
After typing the word communist I’m pretty sure this will never pass the moderators.
That’s communism too.


For awh that and awh that the mans an ass for awh that. The state should change its spelling to Mess-a-coots-it.


John Kerry is a model Democrat,if you beleive him you’d beleive anything. Ask your self weather has changed since 1850s–up to 2021 it just changes from year to year, anyone, who like Kerry or snozy Biden trys to fool,all these crumb want is MONEY>


The climate has been changing since God created he earth and it’s going to keep changing until He decides to destroy it. There once was an ice age and people did not make the ice melt…and no way are people going to stop it so stop using it as an excuse to fleece the American people.


This climate change is one big crock of BS,all this is is the way of left to raise taxes on us. Fight this crap, the Democratic party leader must be held accountable to us the American people,these crumbs are acting like Hitlers Germany.

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