Marjorie Taylor-Greene Shows Compelling Proof Hunter Biden Violated The Mann Act

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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) made waves at Wednesday’s IRS whistleblower hearing when she presented explicit photos of Hunter Biden’s sex acts as evidence of his criminal behavior.

During the House Oversight Committee hearing, two IRS whistleblowers, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, testified to government prosecutors’ preferential treatment of President Biden’s son.

Receipts were brought up by Rep. Greene that showed payments from Hunter Biden to prostitutes possibly involving human trafficking violations.

Democrats in attendance shouted at MTG as she held up the photos, which were also seen on her Twitter account following the hearing.

She said that he paid for a plane ticket for a woman with potential implications under the Mann Act. Furthermore, she asked Ziegler about bank records allegedly showing payments for prostitutes and suspicious activity reports associated with possible human trafficking charges against Biden Jr.

It was not only Marjorie Taylor Greene who called out Hunter Biden for his actions, many Republicans have spoken out against him since this news broke out last year. She just did it very effectively, which seems to have pissed off her colleagues across the aisle.

The photos and receipts are being used to demonstrate how he has been able to avoid justice due to his father being president and potentially receiving preferential treatment from federal authorities regarding tax fraud allegations and more serious crimes such as human trafficking violations.

With over 10 million followers across various social media platforms combined, MTG is one of the most vocal opponents of President Joe Biden’s administration and policies – especially those concerning Hunter Biden’s conduct – so it is no surprise that these images have gone viral online since they were first shared during Wednesday’s hearings.

She has used her platform brilliantly to call attention to other issues in Washington D.C., such as foreign policy matters or how Congress spends taxpayer money befitting her beliefs on limited government spending and respect for traditional values among other topics discussed in her frequent posts on social media channels like Twitter or Facebook.

While some Democrat phonies may see what Marjorie Taylor Greene did during Wednesday’s IRS whistleblower hearing as inappropriate or disrespectful, it still remains that there should be accountability even if their dad is President Joe Biden.




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