Man Tries to Assault Jogger, But He Wasn’t Expecting Her to be Armed

Police in Salt Lake City are searching for a man that groped an unnamed female jogger.  Fortunately, he should be easy to identify because he’s sporting fresh stab wounds.

The attack occurred on November 11.  The jogger carried a small knife during her run because she ran early in the morning.

During this particular workout, the would-be assailant ran up behind the woman and groped her.  In an immediate dose of karma, the woman pulled a knife on him and stabbed him several times.  She stabbed him in the arms, legs, and chest.  The attacker was taken by surprise and tried to flee.


The jogger followed behind in close pursuit.  At some point, the man darted into an alley and escaped.  So, the jogger decided to head home and file a police report.

Because it was early in the morning, the victim was not able to get a good look.  According to the report, the suspect is a 5’9″ male, clean cut, and 150 pounds.  He is “physically fit” and was wearing a grey sweatshirt and backpack.  The age range is vast.  He could be in his teens all the way up to his 30s.

That’s not to say that all hope is lost.  Police hope that the DNA on the knife could determine the attacker’s identity.  However, they are still using traditional methods to find the suspect.

From Police Detective Greg Wilking:

We’re not sure if it will lead to somebody in the system.  There’s a good chance if this person is under the age of 18, they may not have their DNA on file. We’re not going to wait on DNA alone.

Wilking encouraged victims of the attacker to come forward.

We certainly don’t want another incident like this.  [The jogger] doesn’t want to be identified at this time, but she wants to the public to know that this happened to her…and we need to get this guy off the street.

Furthermore, he commended the jogger for her preparation.

Everybody who is out at night or in dark hours, they should be prepared and aware of their surroundings. She was prepared. She took steps to be prepared. And on top of it, she fought back. We’re happy that it turned out well for her.  She wants this guy apprehended.

Police are asking for help to find the man. Anyone with information — or who have experienced similar assaults — can call police at (801)799-3000.

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