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Man Develops Myocarditis After Taking COVID Vaccine, Confirming Reporting

Via National File

“I felt like my chest was really tight and my throat was really swollen up, like my lymph nodes and neck… I was winded just standing up from a sitting position.”

An 18-year-old in Kenmore, Washington has been hospitalized with a case of myocarditis – inflammation of muscles in the heart after taking a second dose of the COVID vaccine. The news comes less than 24 hours after National File reported the Center for Disease Control is investigating the link between COVID vaccines and myocarditis in young people.

Social media platform Twitter tried to censor National File’s reporting on the CDC’s investigation into myocarditis as a side effect, eliminating  the ability to like or reply to a tweet containing the link to our story. Twitter also falsely claimed that the story was “misleading,” and redirected users from the tweet to the CDC’s website, which is the primary source for National File’s reporting.

18-yeart-old Evan Morud says he was eager to take the Pfizer COVID vaccine, but did not anticipate being hospitalized with a severe case of myocarditis, and now being required to take several heart medications for the next few months.

KIRO 7 reports that after suffering from fever aches, Morud began experiencing severe chest pain around 48 hours after the second Pfizer dose. “I felt like my chest was really tight and my throat was really swollen up, like my lymph nodes and neck,” Morud recalled. “I was winded just standing up from a sitting position,” he said.

Morud’s heart rate jumped to 140 beats per minute, double the normal rate, and his heart function was much lower than normal. “He could’ve suffered permanent heart damage. Or, sudden death is also a result of this,” Morud’s mother Charnell stated. “He’s my one and only.”

National File reported on Monday that the CDC has released a statement announcing an investigation into myocarditis cases in young people and adolescents after taking the COVID vaccine. Twitter desperately censored the story, calling it “misleading” while providing no further explanation, and eliminating the ability to like or comment on the article.

Curiously, the bold warning text calling the story “misleading” contained a link to Twitter’s pro-vaccine information feed. The second source seen in the feed is none other than the CDC. Twitter falsely claimed the article was misleading, and attempted to debunk National File’s article with none other than the primary source for the article itself.

National File will continue to provide coverage of COVID vaccines and how medical experts view their impact on young people.

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