Man Develops Myocarditis After Taking COVID Vaccine, Confirming Reporting

Via National File

“I felt like my chest was really tight and my throat was really swollen up, like my lymph nodes and neck… I was winded just standing up from a sitting position.”

An 18-year-old in Kenmore, Washington has been hospitalized with a case of myocarditis – inflammation of muscles in the heart after taking a second dose of the COVID vaccine. The news comes less than 24 hours after National File reported the Center for Disease Control is investigating the link between COVID vaccines and myocarditis in young people.

Social media platform Twitter tried to censor National File’s reporting on the CDC’s investigation into myocarditis as a side effect, eliminating  the ability to like or reply to a tweet containing the link to our story. Twitter also falsely claimed that the story was “misleading,” and redirected users from the tweet to the CDC’s website, which is the primary source for National File’s reporting.

18-yeart-old Evan Morud says he was eager to take the Pfizer COVID vaccine, but did not anticipate being hospitalized with a severe case of myocarditis, and now being required to take several heart medications for the next few months.

KIRO 7 reports that after suffering from fever aches, Morud began experiencing severe chest pain around 48 hours after the second Pfizer dose. “I felt like my chest was really tight and my throat was really swollen up, like my lymph nodes and neck,” Morud recalled. “I was winded just standing up from a sitting position,” he said.

Morud’s heart rate jumped to 140 beats per minute, double the normal rate, and his heart function was much lower than normal. “He could’ve suffered permanent heart damage. Or, sudden death is also a result of this,” Morud’s mother Charnell stated. “He’s my one and only.”

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National File reported on Monday that the CDC has released a statement announcing an investigation into myocarditis cases in young people and adolescents after taking the COVID vaccine. Twitter desperately censored the story, calling it “misleading” while providing no further explanation, and eliminating the ability to like or comment on the article.

Curiously, the bold warning text calling the story “misleading” contained a link to Twitter’s pro-vaccine information feed. The second source seen in the feed is none other than the CDC. Twitter falsely claimed the article was misleading, and attempted to debunk National File’s article with none other than the primary source for the article itself.

National File will continue to provide coverage of COVID vaccines and how medical experts view their impact on young people.

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Linda Fangmeier

From what I have learned about all of those vaccines they have one thing in common in the ingredients. 1000 bio peptides designed to rewrite celluar information. Classic example of India those vaccinated developed covid variants completely immune to vaccines in essence creating carriers of genetic manipulation. The Fed knows this bit is not releasing information due to pressure from those invested wanting to profit. 3 people are responsible is Bill Gates Obama and Fauci. Reference the 2015 photo of all 3 standing in Wigan lab with the covid designer. What other purpose would these people be there other than develop a bio weapon.


Taking ANY of these vaccines is a gamble for far too many people and I HAVE taken the 2 Pfizer injections; the first in February the second in March and the Passport states I have taken the doses and confirms the dates but also in small print says the EXPIRATION date is June 30TH! Why take the vaccines if they are so shortly effective or, if I have misunderstood the clearly stated date; to what does it apply if NOT the effective date? Just one MORE example of why NO ONE should trust the veracity of Government in ANYTHING. period. I am a 100% Agent Orange disabled Vietnam veteran of the 1968 Tet Offensive and had a 1967 earned degree in GOVERNMENT when I so served far more HONORABLY than most in our Corrupt Congress and Court system EVER have! I was a freshman in 1963 in College when JFK was assassinated and so, Have lived through all of the insidious decline in what was once a Great country but NO MORE, at least not by comparison with the world as it WAS after WW2 and during which I was born 3 days prior to the Invasion of Iwo Jima. We were then UNITED and not DIVIDED as Obama and his Fundamental Change and the Clintons and their NAFTA agreement were attempts to ,in my opinion, implement U.N. Agenda 21 and End American Sovereignty,FORCING A NEW WORLD ORDER MEDIEVAL DICTATORSHIP IN PLACE WITH THE POLITICAL ELITES AS THE NOBILITY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD AS SERFS.It would be ruled by the first in effect World Emperor with the title of Secretary-General of the United Nations and my guess as to who that would be if successfully done, would be He who so craves the role: Barack Obama! In any case, I will NEVER vote for another Democrat after the damage they have done to the country I defended with my life 53 years ago on the other side of the world for THIS horrendous result and the near $30 TRILLION debt they have grown from just $8 trillion in 2008 to the present and rapidly expanding level! NO NATION CAN AFFORD SUCH IRRESPONSIBITY AND UNACCOUNTABILITY. PERIOD! China is NOT necessarily the worst enemy we have as these clowns were and continue to be HOMEGROWN!


But he didn’t get the Corona virus (that has a 99+% SURVIVAL RATE in his age group)!!!!!
Government “SCIENCE” is a farce!!!!
Wake up folks!


this is why I wont get the shots

Liberty One News