Man Calls Wrong Police Department, Threatens to Blow Up Hollywood Sign for Money

In a bizarre turn of events, a man with apparently no geographical sense called the wrong police department and threatened to blow up the Hollywood sign if they didn’t deliver $10,000 to him.

Little did he know that he was calling the Hollywood, Florida, police department instead of the LAPD which actually oversees the Hollywood neighborhood in California where the iconic sign is located.

It’s unclear whether the caller had any idea that he dialed the wrong number. However, he demanded a lump sum of cash and threatened to use pipe bombs to destroy the famous landmark if his demands were not met.

The Hollywood, Florida, police department immediately contacted the LAPD and put them on notice about the call. LAPD officers quickly responded and investigated the matter.

TMZ wrote on Twitter: “Someone allegedly tried to pull a Doctor Evil, of sorts, over the iconic Hollywood sign — both in terms of his ridiculously wacky demands … as well as his overall smarts.”

Thankfully, officials determined that there was no credible threat, and the famous Hollywood sign was never in danger. The tourist attraction is under constant video surveillance and is protected by numerous safety measures, making it a challenging spot for any would-be criminal to target. Despite the man’s attempt to obtain an easy payday, he failed miserably.

The Daily Beast also covered the story on social media adding that “A man threatening to blow up the iconic Hollywood Sign with pipe bombs unless authorities handed over $10,000 in cash called the wrong Hollywood Police Department.”

Unfortunately, stories like this are becoming increasingly common in liberal states and cities, where criminals are emboldened by lax law enforcement and soft-on-crime policies. Instead of cracking down on criminals, left-wing politicians have chosen to defund the police and implement dangerous policies that only make our communities less safe.