Maher Tells Libs To Calm The Hell Down: ‘We’re Not Going Back To 1973’ Over Roe V Wade

Liberal strategist and CNN contributor Paul Begala responded by telling Maher, “We’re not going back to 1973, we’re going back to 1931,” citing Texas law that imprisons doctors who perform abortions under the state’s trigger ban if Roe v. Wade is reversed and how the trigger laws in both the Lone Star state and Michigan have no abortion exceptions.

Former NBC Sports reporter Michele Tafoya disagreed with Begala and pivoted the conversation to how there should be limits to abortion.

“There’s got to be a point at which we say this is a human being capable of living outside the womb where maybe we don’t — we don’t do that,” Tafoya said. “I think that’s what you see a lot of in Europe and a lot of people are kind of settling around, ‘Okay, 15 weeks maybe.’”

Begala later argued that the “rationale” in the draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito would apply to things like interracial and same-sex marriage, which Tafoya pushed back on, pointing to how Alito states the ruling would specifically apply to abortion because it involves a “third party,” being the unborn child.

Maher then railed against those who say Roe v. Wade is “settled law.”

“This whole bulls— argument about, ‘Well, it’s settled law.’ So was segregation. Plessy vs. Ferguson was ‘settled law’ in 1896 and thank God somebody said let’s unsettle it. So that’s a bulls— argument. It’s what you think,” Maher said. “If you like babies, then you’re pro-life and if you’re pro-women, you’re pro-choice.”

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The HBO star turned to Begala about his concerns about overturning Roe v. Wade having a “domino” effect on other rights.

“Don’t stir up fear now. Be honest,” Tafoya told Begala before he responded.

Begala continued to argue since the abortion law is classified under the same privacy right as things like marriage and contraception, they too can be in jeopardy.

“But Clarence Thomas is — it’s an interracial marriage,” Maher pushed back. “I guess what I’m saying is I really feel like abortion is unique. It is because either — you just have this view that it’s murder. I could put the argument on a hat when people talk about a woman’s right. ‘Murder isn’t a right.’ If you think it’s murder — I don’t, again, crazy me… ”



Pro-choice activists protested Saturday evening outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices Brett Kavanaugh and John Roberts, days after an unprecedented leak of a draft opinion revealed the country’s highest court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade.

About 100 demonstrators, hoisting signs and chanting pro-choice slogans, marched from Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house in Maryland, to Chief Justice John Roberts’ home nearby, Bloomberg reported. After returning to Kavanaugh’s Chevy Chase home, police instructed the group of protestors to disperse, according to the outlet.

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When Mr. Maher has to tell a group to “calm down” they must be pretty far outside of even liberal viewpoints because I’m relatively sure that Mr. Maher doesn’t identify himself as a conservative. Just saying…


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Last edited 14 days ago by KathySchultz
Sandra Lee Smith

No, but he does exercise common sense on occasion, & this is 1 such.


Abortion is murder of innocent babies!!

Sandra Lee Smith

That’s infanticide! Abortion is a life saving mechanism built into a woman by God, for when a baby dies in utero, & must be expelled to protect the mom from infection & death.


Thank you Bill Maher.

Sandra Lee Smith

Not true! The exception of a threat to the mom’s life that’s been in place, I know for sure, since the mid ’30s is retained. Rape or incest all infanticide does is murder the OTHER victim & add to the guilt & shame of the 1st 1. In most cases, the danger to mom comes in the 3rd trimester, so just deliver the baby, & save both lives. No need to murder anyone. As for the whiny adult-children: time to grow up & be responsible for your actions! It works surprisingly well, actually.


First of all: THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS in the Texas Law. Go read the damn thing. People parrot what they hear on Richard Maddow’s show and think they have the facts. There is a thing called “Rule 33” in many of the bills about abortion. That recognizes young girls who’ve been trafficked, any woman who has been raped, and the life of the mother are cases that need to be decided on their own merits.

Geez, it’s like the entire Dem party is made up of spoiled, entitled adolescents who throw temper tantrums any time they don’t get their way, and who have spent their lives refusing to take responsibility for their actions. People — birth control works about 90% of the time, morning after pill works slightly more often. So does, I don’t know, NOT CHOOSING TO HAVE SEX! Also, if you are so freaked out by the chance you might get pregnant or get a female pregnant, go get fixed. Tubal ligation and vasectomy are choices. THAT is what Pro-Choice means.

Those who are on the fence should do a little research. There have been multiple lawsuits against planned parenthood for selling baby parts, for lying to young women, for coercing abortions (especially in minorities.) Look it up. Prove me wrong. Bottom line – Bill Gates’ father was the man who financed Margaret Sanger in her efforts to rid the world of black people. But go ahead and call ME a racist…

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