‘MAGA Extremist Bully,’ a ‘Fascist,’ and a ‘Richard’: Guess Who MSNBC Was Talking About

It’s becoming clear that Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are becoming increasingly worried about Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida.

Fernand Amandi, an MSNBC analyst and Florida-based Democrat consultant, recently appeared on Jonathan Capehart’s MSNBC Sunday Show and used some of Joe Scarborough’s signature attacks to go after DeSantis.

Amandi referred to DeSantis, with full stops between each word, as a “MAGA. Extremist. Bully.” He also called DeSantis a “fascist.” He then went on to say DeSantis is “to loathe DeSantis,” a “coward,” “awkward,” “uncomfortable,” “arrogant,” a “Richard” [i.e., a dick], “nothing very positive about him,” “imperial,” “not very likeable,” “very condescending,” and “very aloof.”

It’s kind of ironic that the media wants to paint a narrative where Trump and DeSantis are sworn enemies but still refer to DeSantis as a ‘MAGA extremist’.

It’s obvious why the Democrats are so worried about DeSantis and why they’re attacking him so viciously. He’s a conservative Republican from the key swing state of Florida, and he’s been gaining in popularity ever since he became governor. He’s a strong leader who has done a lot to help Floridians during the pandemic, and he’s been a vocal advocate for President Trump’s policies.

Whether you are pro-DeSantis or pro-Trump the media knows that Biden doesn’t have the people’s support so they going to pour all of their energy into demonizing anyone who stands in their Daddy Biden’s way.

It’s clear that Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media are doing whatever they can to discredit DeSantis and paint him as an extremist. But the truth is that DeSantis is a good leader who has been doing a great job for the people of Florida. He’s a conservative, but he’s not an extremist, and he’s certainly not a fascist. He’s a strong leader who has the best interests of Floridians at heart.

The Democrats’ fear of DeSantis should be a wake-up call to all Americans. The Democrats know that DeSantis is a popular leader who could be a real threat to Biden’s re-election.

So, they’re going to do whatever they can to discredit him and paint him as an extremist. But the truth is that DeSantis is a strong leader who has been doing a great job for the people of Florida.

Is he ready for the presidency? Well, that should be up to the voters to decide—Not the media. So, let’s not be fooled by the Democrats’ biased attacks. Let’s judge DeSantis on his record, not on their baseless smears.



FERNAND AMANDI: He is doing a soft launch for a presidential campaign. So, in doing that, he is trying to define himself nationally. But the problem is, he’s already been defined here in Florida.

And the definition of Ron DeSantis: what he is and who he is, Jonathan, is a MAGA. Extremist. Bully. That is what and who Ron Desantis is. And so long as the Democrats and the Biden administration, and President Biden’s campaign, should he run for re-election, and I think and hope he will, understand that the opportunity to define him on the basis of that definition of him being a MAGA. Extremist. Bully.

Based on his record here in Florida, someone who wants to ban abortions after six weeks. He’s literally in favor of banning books that are against anything that he disagrees with. He wants to ban the free market when they exercise their own free choice to disagree with policies of the state. A fascist type of approach. See that in what he’s doing with the Walt Disneyworld company.

So, this MAGA. Extremist. Bully is what he is and who he is. So long as he’s defined on those terms before he can try and present himself as this woke-culture-warrior, I think he’s going to be in a box that’s going to be very difficult to get out of should he vanquish Donald Trump and win the nomination in 2024, Jonathan.

. . .

Fundamentally, like all bullies, even though he’s a MAGA extremist bully, Ron DeSantis is a coward. And what I mean by that, Jonathan, is that he cannot handle any sort of criticism. Yet the problem for him is you have perhaps the greatest bully in political history, certainly in American political history, staring at the other end of him in Donald Trump. And Donald Trump is going to hit him hard, repeatedly, as many times as possible, if he dares get in the race against him.

That’s why I think as the coward, bully, that Desantis is, he’s hoping others do the dirty work for him. He’s not willing to confront Donald Trump on his own. And the road to the Republican nomination in 2024 goes absolutely, positively, through Donald

. . .

To know DeSantis is to loathe DeSantis. He is the most awkward, uncomfortable, porcupine-type figure on the stump. He’s arrogant, he’s a bit of a Richard. There’s just nothing very positive about him. And you don’t really walk away feeling warm and fuzzy. And DeSantis allies in Florida say that about the man. So, if you want to keep distance and have this kind of imperial air about him, I think it’s a better approach than to have him engaging one-on-one. Because he’s just not very likable, he’s very aloof and very condescending. So I think it’s actually smart to keep him distanced from voters. Whereas again, Trump has that quality that Republican MAGA voters at least appreciate—his ability to engage and be one-on-one.

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