Loudoun County Parents Show Up at School Board Meeting…Ruin Their Entire Night in 15 Seconds

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It was not your typical Loudoun School Board meeting. No parents were arrested for daring to exercise their First Amendment rights.

In fact, in a matter of fifteen seconds, the parents ruined the board’s entire night and bring hope for a school board that welcomes parents instead of putting out demands and having parents arrested for not agreeing.

FOX News reports:

The Loudoun County School Board meeting erupted into shouting on Tuesday night after parents confronted members of the school board after the parent group Fight for Schools filed more than 2,000 signatures to remove the board chair.

“By the way, Denise, Brenda, Ian, Atoosa, we are well over 100% of required signatures for the petitions,” Megan Jenkins said during the public comment period. “So I’m not going to encourage any of you to resign because when you are recalled and removed from office, it will be much more satisfying. See you in court.”

Jenkins had been referring to Board Chair Brenda Sheridan (Sterling District), Board Vice-Chair Atoosa Reaser (Algonkian District), Ian Serotkin (Blue Ridge District) and Denise Corbo, the at-large member. Ian Prior, a father and executive director at Fight for Schools, previously told Fox News that his organization had compiled all the signatures to mount legal challenges to each of those four board members, although he filed the petition to oust Sheridan on Tuesday.

The first filing was against only the board chairman Brenda Sheridan but the group says it has enough signatures to recall Board Vice-Chair Atoosa Reaser (Algonkian District), Ian Serotkin (Blue Ridge District) and Denise Corbo, the at-large member.

This board should just resign ad be done with it. It would be less embarrassing than to be thrown out on your rump in a recall election.

From The Gateway Pundit

The good parents in Loudoun County were on fire and they have reason to be.  The School Board covered up the rape of a young girl by a trans young man in a school and denied being made aware of its existence to the parent of the young girl.

The county’s School Board is also pushing disgusting filth in the reading material in the county schools’ curriculum and forcing parents to sign a form not to share.

The entire School Board in this county should resign.  Their actions are shameful.




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