Los Angeles County Judge Gives Authorization To City of Burbank To Cut Electricity To Restaurant That Had the Gall To Remain Open

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On Monday, restaurants in Los Angeles, California were given the go-ahead to resume indoor dining. But one restaurant was given notice that the power to the restaurant will be shut off.  Why is that?  Because the owner kept the restaurant open during the coronavirus pandemic in order to survive.  The owner felt that adults with responsibilities who were willing to take all of the precautions like masks and social[ist] distancing should be allowed to continue earning a living in the United States of America, the land of the free.

On Friday, a Los Angeles County judge authorized the City of Burbank to cut the electricity off to a restaurant that has remained open in spite of a court order issued earlier last week.

In a statement, the City of Burbank said the Los Angeles Superior Court issued a Temporary Restraining Order against Tin Horn Flats on Monday, March 8, ordering the restaurant to close and to not reopen without a County Health Permit and a City Conditional Use Permit.

Listen to the draconian 1984esque rules put out by the Los Angeles Public Health Department.

Protocol for Restaurants, Breweries and Wineries: Appendix I
Effective Date: 12:01am on Monday, March 15, 2021

Recent Updates: (Changes highlighted in yellow)
• Indoor dining. Indoor dining at restaurants only may reopen at 25% occupancy, based on applicable
Building or Fire Code occupancy limits, or 100 people, whichever is less. Only members, up to 6, from the
same household can be seated together at the same table in the indoor dining area. All establishments
must verbally inform customers prior to seating that everyone sharing a table indoors must be from the
same household.
• Outdoor dining. Members from up to three different households, maximum of six people total, may now be
seated together at the same table in the outdoor dining area.
• Worker protection. It is strongly recommended that restaurant operators that open for indoor dining provide
employees, those who are or may be in contact with customers indoors, masks that are more effective at
protecting against small aerosol transmission, including but not limited to fit-tested N95 masks, KN95
masks and double-masks, given the higher risk of COVID-19 spread indoors in a restaurant setting. Face
shields are still required for staff as specified below.

In spite of the order the restaurant stayed open and on Friday the court authorized the city to cut their electricity after giving them 24-hour notice.

The city complained that the court didn’t give permission to padlock the restaurant’s doors but “continues to reserve such a remedy as a last resort.”  Are you kidding me?

The city said it will go back to the dictator’s court to get more dictator orders to enforce against Tin Horn Flats is they continue to rebel against the Supremacy.

The city says it will return to court for further orders and enforcement if Tin Horn Flats still refuses to close.

So while other restaurants are allowed to reopen the one that maintained that the Constitution doesn’t have a Pandemic clause that allows governments to shut down a person’s livelihood is going to be punished for disobeying an unconstitutional law and the judges are now in on the act.

The city claims that it took civil action against Tin Horn Flats because the restaurant broke the state and local in-person dining ban that was issued back in December.

Back in February, the city adopted a resolution to revoke the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Tin Horn Flats for allegedly violating the Los Angeles County Health Officer Orders “in a manner which endangers the public health, safety and welfare, and creates a public nuisance.”

So the city voted on a resolution to punish one restaurant for not obeying a draconian law that I am pretty sure is not Constitutional in the first place.  The Pursuit of Happiness, listed as an inalienable right in the Declaration of Independence, is supposed to be self-evident, but apparently, the socialist dictators in the Los Angeles city government don’t believe in all that kind of rubbish.

A preliminary injunction hearing is scheduled for March 26 where the judge could continue the shutdown order and more during the time while the litigation is continuing.

The restaurant posted a notice with a picture of Thomas Jefferson just hours before the LA judge authorized Burbank to cut electricity to Tin Horn Flats stating:

“I simply will NEVER comply. Not for any reason and not from any advice from anyone. I choose to disobey rules that have zero science behind them and rules that directly threaten my livelihood needlessly. These people implementing and following these rules do NOT represent my values nor my beliefs. I will go down with my ship if need be.”

The restaurant announced that the dictators of Burbank went through with it and cut their power on Saturday.  On the restaurant’s Instagram page, they asked the public for help to purchase a generator and lights and said the restaurant will be open for a BBQ on Sunday.

What gets me is that the COVID Cops themselves are not going with the so-called “science” especially if the science doesn’t give them justification to treat people like they are children who need to be disciplined.  This is the first time in our history that the government is forcing lockdowns and other tyrannical rules on healthy people.  In the past, we have taken measures to restrict sick people with quarantines but during this pandemic, the government has forced such measures on healthy people because the Democrats are using the pandemic to create a socialist world in which they rule the people with an iron fist with the attitude of “We tell you how to live your life and you will obey,” or we’ll shut your power off and take away your livelihood.

This will never ever end unless a lot more businesses stand up to the tyrants.




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