Looks Like It’s All Crashing Down Around Trans Swimmer ‘Lia’ Thomas

Photo via Youtube screenshot

It looks like everything is starting to crash down around Will ‘Lia’ Thomas— The trans swimmer who has infiltrated the women league at UPenn. Last week I wrote about a mom who finally broke her silence and gave an interview where she expressed how the other parents and swimmer feel about being forced to compete against a grown man. That was apparently what everyone has been waiting for as the masses take a huge exhale of relief.

Since then, more people have spoken out publicly about Thomas, and pro-women protesters have finally started to gather at the competitions. Is it all too late? For many of these girls who are just missing the opportunity to move on, this is their last competition. As seniors at the college, their opportunity is lost—But it’s better late than never. Maybe, with the growing public outcry, the NCAA will finally make women’s sports fair and safe for women again?

While competing in the NCAA women’s swim championships, ‘Lia’ tied fifth on Friday with Riley Gaines of the University of Kentucky in the women’s 200-yard freestyle. Taylor Ruck, a Stanford junior, came in first at 1:41.12. He was not met with a sea of applauds but hecklers who booed the swimmer for robbing opportunities away from the female swimmers.

Madeleine Kearns shared videos from the competition, writing, “A mix of boos and cheers at the introduction of Lia Thomas before the 200-yard freestyle final. Strikingly different to how the female athletes were received.”


She also shared the crowd’s reaction when he won 1st in the 500-yard freestyle. Kearns shared a video just prior to this next one that showed the crowd cheering another swimmer on:

“The relatively quiet/tense reaction from the crowd and swim teammates when Lia Thomas finished first in the 500-yard freestyle.”

As Thomas gave an interview to ESPN, protesters can he heard chanting. One closer to the camera shouted ‘Shame’, ‘Shame on the NCAA’ and ‘HE’S A MAN!’:

As people overcome their fears of being labeled ‘transphobic’ and a ‘TURF’, Thomas will be forced to deal with the very different crowds but its the league that needs to step up and make a difference. More than likely, plenty of girls lost opportunities to compete professionally because Thomas, with his biological edge, came through and bumped them from the competitions.

Despite all of their hard work, time, and training.

It was the NCAA who created this mess, and they’ll have to be the ones to clean it up. Else, how can they claim to represent women’s sports?

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