Republican Liz Cheney, a US House member from Wyoming, told reporter Bret Baier that she didn’t regret planting damaging and fake News about Republican President Donald J. Trump before the 2020 Presidential election.

“I stand by my words,” Cheney said when confronted by Baier about the report of President Trump’s involvement with Russia by allowing them to put boundaries on American troops, something that is now recognized as fake news.

Asked by @BretBaier about peddling the anonymously-sourced story about Russian bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, Liz Cheney says she has no regrets b/c it squared with her concerns about Russia and Trump. When Bret pushes back, she says he needs to check his facts,” Curtis Houck, editor of News busters reported. Watch:

“She said ‘If these reports are true’ and that is such a lame cop out,” one poster reported on Twitter. 

Other reaction to the appearance by posters on social media:

“Bret Baier of FOX asked Liz Cheney during an interview if she is uncomfortable with being praised for her bravery against Trump and his big LIE, by prominent Democrats. When is praise of bravery uncomfortable regardless of what party member gives it. Is this another Litmus test.”


Somehow no one, who was opposed to Trump could determine that the story about Trump was unsourced and unverified  propaganda, until just recently, and now Baier of all people is calling out freshly humiliated Cheney on it, just hours after she has been removed from GOP leadership.

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Politico ran cover for Cheney and her comments, giving her plausible deniability about spreading Anti-American propaganda right before a presidential election.

Liz Cheney told Fox News it has an “obligation to make sure people know the election wasn’t stolen” during a combative interview with Bret Baier on Thursday,” Politico reported. 

Newsweek ran cover for Cheney:

MSNBC ran cover for Cheney:

CNN ran cover for Cheney:

Ask yourself if Cheney is representing her voters.  If she did would the GOP have turned on her on Thursday and displaced her from leadership? No. They would not have.

Lets remember the left is applauding the tactics of Cheney, which is “win by any means necessary” a tennet of the left used against Conservatives. This is the perfect case for understanding how the opponents of the Populist-Conservative movement will use the media and will collude with each other for their shared common desires.

What is noteworthy is how  someone like Cheney made it so far, for so long in politics when she refuses to represent the will of the American people, and instead inserts her own agenda at each turn.

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The story of Liz Cheney, super Never Trump who unifies the far left with the RINO right is one that the American people need to take notice of.  This is the perfect story to highlight how Americans need to get involved with the political process in choosing candidates and demanding the GOP represent the Republican voters of the United States.

Have you been to a local political meeting? If you are interested in how we ended up with candidates like Cheney- check out The Precinct Committeeman Stragedy.

Kari Donovan

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She was a BIGGER slime than i thought How did she get to be #3 with that sick attude


Like ALL RINO’s and Democrats she lies. She lies and the ignorant masses believe her because the media tells them that she is an honest honorable person.

Craig Schroeder

The television news people and radio news people are not the investigators and truth reporters they were in the 1960’s. Most local newspapers, the few that exist, report mostly local reporting with just a small section for national news and the national news articles seems to follow the perfect people view and viewpoints they want the public to see.


Hopefully mitchy baby is next!!!

mike dar

‘She’.. or or any other, doesn’t get to be # three without consent of #2 and #1… guess again how she became #3.


Another piece of trash was taken out!


Not soon enough. She created a lot of damage while she was in office.


Before lying Liz condemns Prez Trump she should look in the mirror and also at her own corrupt father who staged a war to benefit his company Halliburton from which he self enriched. He was a total puppet string puller for the incompetent G W Bush.


The facts dispute your assertion about her fathers involvement with the company, and the time frame. But facts won’t get in the way of your opinion. Haliburton was there before and after Cheney. Cheney had a long career in public service.


corrupt career

Purple Vein

To mightymike- And what good things did Dick Cheney do for the American people?

Calvin Sibert

Good riddance.


She openly and proudly admits to lying and spreading propoganda intentionaly trying to hurt the conservative candidate in favor of the liberal/communist candidate. Then she has the gall to call herself a conservative republican. How can any voter let alone a conservative support this woman or anyone who backs her? How in good conscience can we believe them or vote for them?The openly and proudly admit that they are liars.

alicia regina cervera



She sure is redefining “conservatism”. She lives in an alternate universe.


Another corrupt politician who rationalizes her corrupt behavior because she hates Trump. They can never tell you what he has done that is so grievous but instead claim fake things such as he is a “danger to democracy” while providing no evidence of this. I will tell you, that a danger to democracy could be someone who is willing to lie, cheat and steal to damage the reputation of someone they personally dislike. My guess is that after her tenure in the House is up, she will be done in the Republican party.

Survivor 55

Cheney should not be allowed in politics ever again, regardless of the party. She has been found out and the only party who would want her is the party of Has-Been GOP RINO Anti-Trumpers!!
She deserves to be indicted for treason, if I’m not mistaking. I wonder how much the Deep State paid her to be a traitor! These are the type of GOP politicians who need to be booted out, as soon as possible!! They don’t deserve to be in the Conservative Republican Party, ever!


An attempt to indict Cheney for treason, by Republicans, would be a good first step to begin indicting Democrats immediately after.

Brad Tennant

Treason and election interference!


Awesome analysis!


Awesome analysis!

Johnny Ray Skelton

Hopefully Liz Cheney will not be reelected in the midterm elections. Then she can finally be relegated to the ash can of history where she belongs.


She can run but not as a Republican.



Christina Robleto

In Scientology, Liz Cheney would be the infamous “3rd pty” who starts trouble & conveniently hides or stays anonymous. She should have been removed long ago but the fact that she is will bring some sanity back to this country, sadly there are still more like here infesting the government & they need to be removed as well as the anti-social people running amuck.

carolawright (damron)

she make me sick, need Biden out, all them need to go

Gail Davis

Liz Cheney is a traitor to the US. By making false statements about President Trump she should be tried, convicted and sent to jail. She is a communist evil person. She got a group of people and lied to them about President Trump and these “so called” elite all have egg on their face for coming out and repeating Cheney’s lies! She needs to put in jail!

Craig Schroeder

She is a RINO using the knowledge that her platform is the same as the Democrats because I have never known the Republican Party to support the business she is supporting. I would not want to support old Joe in the White House for bipartisanship support.


Liz Cheney is proving to be a good Democrat, she based her thoughts of her feelings the facts be damned, well I say Liz cheney be amned!


this is the pig that is lip sticked.




The republican party needs to grow a set.

Lorraine E Blazich

Good riddance of another Cheney. RINOs control the so called republican party and have changed it into just another clone of the democrats. We desperately need a new party called the ‘Conservative party’ because the republican party has devolved into a clone of the democrat party.


Liz Cheney isn’t the only one we need to get rid of! We need to oust Pence and Romney!



Norman Scott

She makes whoopy Goldberg looks sexy

Robert S. Pelno

President Trump was exposed the corrupt Political game that has been being played on the American people for so many years, Especially over the last several years. And Cheney is a perfect example of this for the American people. And we the people have always been aware and suspicious of the funny business going on behind our backs and right in front of our face’s for some time . But President Trump has brought A lot of it out into the light so much that it can no longer be shrugged off by these elitist Politicians like Cheney. We now have a Republican Party for the American first agenda, so look out all you R.I.N.O.’s


And the US Constitution has been being ignored for a long time as well. Consider, to be a natural born Citizen of a country one has to be born in the country of a mother AND father who are citizens of the country. The look at the requirements of Amendment 12 and 20, as well as Article 2 Section 1 Paragraph 5. And then note that Amendment 14 does not make a US citizen simply because one is born in the US.


”…President Trump has brought A lot of it into the light…”

Why do you think they hated him so much with all their twisted minds?

He will be hated forever from these, in my estimation, unhinged & unpatriotic beings!


Time to get rid of Kevin McCarthy also. He is another two faced snake in the grass.

Philip Hammersley

Like all “swampers,” she is ENTITLED to a position; she doesn’t have to EARN it!

TJ Burke

This smug b*tch is nothing short of a huge turd, wth corn… FU Liz. The good people of Wyoming will dispatch her worthless axe to some abandoned pumping station outside Gillette


Cheney’s “concerned feelings” does not trump facts, typical liberal move & SO HAPPY SHE’S OUT


She’s out now, and her political career is hopefully, over.


Maybe she will run for dog catcher.


Just another stinking rino liar. Burn in hell you traitor.


Pray with me for total destruction of the democrat and republican parties. It is the only way we will ever get our country back. I feel no guilt praying this way.

General Bullright

boundaries ?

Who wrote this article?

alicia regina cervera

Liz Cheney is a scoundrel and a LIAR! After this, does she have any CREDIBIITY left? Dd she have any to begin with? Just like her father.


If she were talking like that about Hillary ( skank ) Clinton she would have had an accident by now


Just like many democrats, Liz Cheney is obsessed with her hatred of Trump.
It has made her irrational.


She will get the RINO vote, the Never Trumpers, the Lincoln Project, Romney, Sass and Kinsinger. Also the swamp. Not enough to get her a desk in the hall at the Sennat Cafeteria.

Tj Kat

I hope America is paying attention!! Lizzy needs to go along with MIT and the rest of the RINO’s. We need to clean out “OUR HOUSE”!!!! Then when we win both chambers back we can impeach Biden/Harris for their treason!! They WILL BE the first to be removed by impeachment!!


Liz is an example of the downfall of allowing our emotions to lead us. Hatred isn’t a good leader. Infected with hate, boundaries that typify leaders of sound, moral character are forgotten.


vote her out…put that cow out to pasture!


“RINO” are not part of the “Right” – they are part of the “Left”. Those on the “Left” are always claiming inconvenient “Left” groups are part of the “Right”. A classic example of this behavior are the NAZI who were so honest no one believed them. They are classic “Left” group like the Bolsheviks, and got much of their ideology from the “Left” in the US – especially their racist ideology. Do the research for instance on why we know what syphilis does to people. The “Left” can be summarized as promoting

“Supremacy of the State and Supremacy of those in control of the State”.

The “Right” promotes

“The Supremacy of the People, and the State serves the People.”

The Founders of the US were classic “Right” type people – i.e. Classic Liberals. It is one reason we are a Republic and NOT a democracy. Consider this quote:

Democracy, n:
       A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting
or any other form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude
toward property is communistic… negating property rights. Attitude toward
law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based
upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without
restraint or regard to consequences. Result is demagogism, license,
agitation, discontent, anarchy.
               — U. S. Army Training Manual No. 2000-25 (1928-1932),
                  since withdrawn.

Never take a “RINO”s word at face value or any “Left”‘s word. They will lie to advance their agenda of control and dictatorship.



Richard L Start

Traitor’s seldom have regrets if the side they shifted too won, that’s then nature of being a traitor.


So sad and pathetic those who swear oaths to take seats in government only to piss on it whenever they take the notion to do so. Liz Cheney is just like her traitor husband… *pure trash.*

Mark Gravitte

With the exception of a handful of the few, honest, moral elected leaders in DC (you know who they are) who truly care about we Americans and our future, the rest of the ruthless, cowardly, immoral son-of-bitches need to be sent out of town on a rail. Election integrity is a thing of the past. These crooked politicians remind me of a damn Coyote, whose only purpose is to hunt, kill and eat it’s prey. Why do you think these demonic devils hang around for 20, 30 or 40 years in Washington? Because it is a legal way to illegally steal our tax dollars. I weep for the future. You mustn’t forget that the Coyote also has a predator.


[“Liz Cheney told Fox News it has an, – obligation to make sure people know the election wasn’t stolen – ,during a combative interview with Bret Baier on Thursday,” Politico reported.]

The Maricopa county audit people are implying that the massive voter fraud that they are uncovering is showing that the Arizona election was stolen, not just the Presidential race, but also the US Senate race, and probably some of the US House races.

The same is coming from the Fulton county audit people, that also includes more than the Presidential race, but also both US Senate races, and some of the US House races.

The New Hampshire audit has already found massive voter fraud in some counties, and are now extending their audit to all their counties.

The Antrim county audit has proven without a doubt that massive voter fraud occurred, and now those same auditors are petitioning to audit more Michigan counties, where they are sure there is even more massive voter fraud.

Massive voter fraud has also been found in two heavy Democrat counties in Pennsylvania, and there is a lawsuit in the courts, backed by their legislature that is controlled by the Republicans, to start a forensic audit throughout the state.

Wisconsin legislature has discovered many voter fraud anomalies in their largest counties, and have also ordered a forensic audit to be done in those heavy populated counties too.

All these audits going on have samples of massive voter fraud (North Carolina & Virginia also), which has caused an in depth investigation through forensic audits in all these states, and if they find what all these auditors say they expect to find from all the sampling that was done that instituted all these audits, it will reverse the outcome in all these states, which will prove the election was stolen, as the new and true found voter tallies will give the electoral college votes to President Trump, reversing the stole election.

What will Liz Cheney’s excuse be then, not just about her claims of Trump/Russian collusion which has been proven several times to be untrue, but also about her lies that the election was not stolen? Will her excuse then be that she just didn’t believe that President Trump was a good enough person to be our President? If so, Liz Cheney should certainly take a look in the mirror, for all that she has done and lied about proves that she isn’t a good enough person to hold all the positions that she held in the federal government, making her also a hypocrite for her reason for all the lies she told about President Trump.

Jonathan Wright

Liz is miss Piggy herself!!! What a slimy piece of crap.
Worse than romney!!!

Purple Vein

Liz Cheney is worth between $5-$8 million. Her salary as a Congresswoman is a little less than $175,000 per year. From what I know about her, she has had various jobs in government and knows how to “connect” with the big players and lobbyists. In my opinion she is not worthy to represent the “Dog Catchers Union” let alone be a US representative of thousands of people. I hope she gets voted out of office and retires to Wyoming where she will hold seminars (for a fee) about how people get rich being Military Industrial Conplex proponents, like her dad was. 😝🤪

Brad Tennant

Liz is not a wyomigite. She only bought a property here so she could run for congress. She’s from Virginia! Hope she goes back there! She’s not welcome in Wyoming!


Cheney admits lying about Trump by putting out fake news stories to hurt Trump, next Cheney claims the Election wasn’t stolen, She must think she is a reliable source for lies.

Brad Tennant

This is treason and election interference! She should be charged with both!

Brad Tennant

I will spread this news all over Wyoming so she isn’t re-elected! Liz is done!

Thank God I never voted for her! I knew she was a carpetbagger rino!

mike dar

Dozens like her exist, ‘RINOs’. Playing the game of switching party control of the country, taking whatever campaign donations, insider info, future 8 figure no-show jobs… just a bunch of Leeches. All believing since this has been the way for 100 years, several generations.. it should always be, ‘the way’.


How can this EVIL WOMAN be removed from Congress and cancelled in the private sector. What an utter and complete A$$ she is!

Daniel Quigley

This is pure unadulterated Treason. She should now have 3 choices. #1 Leave the country and never be allowed to return or communicate with anyone ever again as well as loose everything she owned and is owed here to include her lifetime pay. #2 Treason has but 2 penalties once found guilty. She has the choice of Death by Hanging or Death by Firing Squad. #3 to attempt to save her worthless life she can sing like a Songbird about those Liberal Democrats in Congress she knows are Thiefs and have made their millions by stealing from the American people. Then she will of course get to pick #1 or #2.

Swave n deBoner

I always liked her but I think this is treasonous & she should be arrested, tried &, if convicted, locked up for a good long time.

know your enemy

I truly believe there should life altering consequences for running a coup against a POTUS. The people need to make OUR govt hold Congress person’s act with proper morals and ethics that are best for the people. What she did is actually TREASON!


Liz is a pile to be sure. I’m glad they bounced her. If she wants to do the left’s bidding, she should simply switch parties. That said, in their haste to remove her, the GOP made a poor replacement choice. The GOP continues to be the gang that can’t shoot straight. I find it laughable that they continue to hound me for money. Although I supported Trump monetarily, I made sure the money went to his campaign only, as I’ll never donate one red cent to the spineless RNC.


Not only is this morally wrong, but it should be legally wrong, and punishable – like any other felony – including, but not limited to defamation of character and a hate crime. Outrageous behavior for an elected official! Makes you wonder what else she has covertly done….



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