Lindell Offers 5 Million Dollar Prize To Anyone Who Can Prove He Is Wrong [VIDEO]

Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, ants to have “the most watched event ever” as he exposes what he claims is irrefutable massive election fraud in the 2020 election. Lindell claims to have forensic cyber evidence that the election was stolen from President Donald J. Trump.

Key Point:  Lindell is so confident of his findings he is offering a 5 Million prize to anyone who can prove he is wrong about the Presidential election being stolen from Donald J. Trump. In August, Lindell has several movies and a website full of information.  In Aug, he will present never before seen evidence.

In order to entice people who doubt him to attend, he is offering a prize for anyone who can prove that he is wrong, as an inventive.  Lindell is inviting State and Federal politicians and media to attend while he live-streams his evidence of a complex cyber investigation.  He will live stream 5 cyber experts explaining the data for 72 hours.  Lindell says he will present 37 terabytes of information, and if anyone can prove he is lying or that the data is not authentic data, they can win the prize.

“You have to be invited to the Symposium, and then be there, and then prove that this is not valid data, and prove me wrong to win the money.  A qualified cyber expert will need at least CISSP creditials to enter ,” Lindell said.

“Trump wong 80 million votes to Biden’s 68 million, show me that what I have is not valid data,” Lindell told Bannon.

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“I put up the 5 Million dollars because they are trying to discredit me already. CNN could come prove me wrong and win the money.  Why just say I am wrong, come and make money then,” he said.

“Mike’s putting his money where his mouth is! That’s the boldest “come at me bro” I’ve seen from anyone regarding the selection of 2o2o,” one poster said in reaction to the offer.

Lindell released the details of his Cyber Symposium on Wednesday on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. The event will be held on August 10, 11, and 12 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Lindell says he will be updating information at his site,, daily.

“This is so entertaining and you are all going to learn what I already have.  It is going to be amazing. Dominion will be invited. Smartmatic ES and E and we are going to prove that we sent invitations too.  We are going to give out a little information every day at Frank Speech, and keep adding stuff so people know we are serious.  We want to educate the public.  We are going to show you a mock election,” Lindell told Bannon.


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Tell ya what Mike, I won’t try to prove you wrong,& I’ll only require 500,000$. This way you’ll save 2,5000,000$. I’m A Trump voter,& wish you much continued success.(;>)

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On the Inside

Mike Lindell is being set up by a well known FBI asset (Last name: Montgomery.) The entire ‘packet’ thing and his claims to hammer-and-scorecard computer software are a fraud by this Montgomery scum. He is an unindicted felon working with the FBI to avoid prosecution for his crimes of defrauding the Defense Dept. in 2013 with a similar computer scam. Google him. He’s known as “The man who conned the DOD” and he is Mike Lindell’s ONLY source of information. Lindell is aware of this. He was warned but is proceeding anyway for reasons unknown.

BTW: China is not stupid enough to openly hack our elections and leave their ISP addresses exposed. That would be an overt act of war. They are the patsy in this obvious false-flag attack on our elections. Yes the election was stolen. No, China did not do it. The FBI and the DOD did it. The FBI wants Trump and his supporters eliminated and the DOD needs a good war.

Mike Lindell is a good man who is being set up by the FBI to take down Trump, humiliate and demoralize the right and to delegitimize the real election audits (Arizona, etc.) and drag America into war with China.

This ‘symposium’ will not happen because that Montgomery scum has not, and will not deliver ‘the goods’ to Lindell. But don’t let a little detail like that stop a good war.

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