Nike Teams With Rap Thug For ‘Satan Shoes’ That Contain Human Blood And Are Limited To 666 Pairs

Rapper Lil Nas X unveiled a limited edition pair of “Satan shoes” that contain a drop of human blood and a run of 666 shoes.

How much creepier can you get?

The shoes are a collaboration of the custom sneaker brand MSCHF and the price starts at $1,018 a pair. The shoes are Nike Air Max 97.

They are being released at the same time as Lil Nas X’s newest song, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).

Nike claims they are not associated with the selling of these shoes.

The song features Nas as he dances using a stripper pole on his way down to hell, where he gives Satan a lap dance. Real classy. And this from a rapper who claims kids are his biggest fans.

This is just one more reason to hate rap music… Songs celebrating rape and Satanism are just not for most people.

From The Daily Caller

The timing of the shoe’s release coincides with the release of Nas’s latest video, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” which was released Thursday. The music video shows him dancing on a stripper pole on his way down to hell, as well as giving Satan a lap dance.

The title video “Montero” is a reference to Lil Nas X’s real name, Montero Lamar Hill, according to NBC.

Lil Nas X tweeted on March 25 that the song was dedicated to”14-year old Montero.”

“I wrote a song with our name in it. it’s about a guy I met last summer. I know we promised to never come out publicly, I know we promised never to be “that” type of gay person, I know we promised to die with the secret, but this will open doors for many other queer people to simply exist,” the statement read in part.


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I shudder to think that people will go crazy over these shoes and I long for the days when this country had a conscience.



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