Liberal Protesters Were Asked If They Would House Refugees and Provide Food, Their Responses Speak Volumes

Compassion is easier when you are spending someone else’s money.

The people that pay for welfare that these refugees are  going to be on through higher taxes are at work..not at the airport protesting. It is so easy to support all kinds of crazy ideas, as long as it isn’t in their home, in their backyard, or coming from their pocket.

They have been paid to riot but proved they have have no moral conviction. Fake social justice “protesters”….You are fools with NO brains.

You’re definitely going to want to see this!

VIA| Video prankster Joey Salads wanted to find out what would happen if he approached leftists protesting President Donald Trump’s travel ban and asked them to take in some refugees.

So he went to Los Angeles International Airport, posing as a leftist with a “Feel The Bern” T-shirt and hipster glasses.

He asked them would they be able to donate or help by taking someone into their homes?

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