Liberal Host Tried to Call Trump Racist, What Herman Cain Said Next Left Him in Stunned Silence

Former Presidential Candidate Herman Cain and Liberal Talk Show Host Garland Nixon went on Laura Ingraham’s show last night and things got heated right away. (Video Below)

Ingraham asked Garland about a poll that reportedly found 57% of Americans think Trump is racist. Garland not only claimed the poll was accurate, but he doubled down on it and called Trump a “bigot.”

Herman Cain, who knows President Trump, fired back and exposed Garland and any other Democrat says this. He exposed the flaws in the study and insisted his

“I can spot racism 3,000 miles away he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body, based upon my own personal experience”

But he didn’t stop there. Cain pointed out the real reason ANYONE would answer this way on a poll question… Because the mainstream media has pushed that narrative for 2 years straight.

“Here’s why you have such a high number of democrats believing that he is racist… they are being told this liberal media and many democrats have been using false racist narrative ever since this president became president and even before and as a result, many of them are simply repeating what they have been told”

Do you agree with Herman that Pres. Trump is not racist? Tell us below.

Laura Ingraham agreed with Herman Cain and she turned to Garland and pointed out why she believes Pres. Trump is the OPPOSITE of racist when it comes to African Americans.

She revealed what the mainstream media isn’t telling the African American community.

LAURA: “One of the things that has stalled the advancement of African-Americans in this new study that we don’t have time to get into, economic institute wages and up employment from 16 of 1968 to 2017 we have tolerated millions of people coming into America who take jobs that working poor, middle class people coming into the workplace for the first time used to have and a lot of those jobs are gone now those entry level jobs hurt like a lot of people that i came from and a lot of minorities and trump is standing against that!”

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