During an interview with the China News Network (CNN), a liberal doctor pushed to have unvaccinated Americans stripped of their rights and ‘restricted’ from activities.

PJMedia published what the looney Dr. Leana Wen told CNN Biden should do with the unvaccinated:

“I think what we will see with Omicron is a very large number of infections due to Covid-19.”

She continued, “The question, though, is, are we going to see a decoupling of infections with hospitalizations and death? That would be ideal, the entire point of vaccination, the main point of vaccination, I should say, is to reduce severe illness. And so, if we’re able to avoid overwhelming our health care systems, that would be the goal. Is there going to be a lot of people who get Omicron? Absolutely. But the hope is that enough people have been vaccinated in some parts of the country and many parts of the world that we’re going to prevent the worst of it.”

Wen added, “I do have a lot of concern about what happens to parts of this country, for example, that have very low vaccination rates. This is another reason why I think President Biden’s message yesterday was the right one in some way — in saying vaccinated people should move on with their lives with precautions. But I wish that he would go further to restrict the activities of the unvaccinated because they are the ones who are still spreading COVID and prolonging the pandemic for all of us.”

Wen pushed for vaccine passports to begin as early as next week—The beginning of 2022, and wants noncompliant Americans excluded or discriminated against should they refuse to produce a passport.

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I don’t get this crazy ideology and I see it more as a tool for control. There is absolutely nothing to stop people from creating fake vaccine cards. Once that starts happening, what’s to stop them from rolling out a mandatory, government-issued, microchip like other countries have already begun to test?

Erica Carlin

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If the vaccine does such a great job, explain why all these cruise ships with fully vaccinated crew and passengers are returning to port with cases of covid. Doesn’t sound like it’s very “effective”. I have heard of far too many adverse reactions to even begin to consider it “safe”. Time to start from scratch and come up with a better solution.

[USN Ret.] Joseph C. Moore

The “vaccine” does not confer immunity, nor prevent an “immunized” person from infecting other with the virus. So, what is the TRUE purpose of this “vaccine”? Gates and Fauci know and the prognosis for the public is NOT good.

Diane Capone

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“Liberal”, willing to respect or accept behavior or opinions different from one’s own; open to new ideas.
Please STOP referring to these TOTALITARIAN people as “liberals”, when they are the antithesis of liberal.
(antithesis means the direct opposite).

Aelred A

Just deport her back to CCP


I wonder, if these people, that are so mean and hate-filled about others that don’t agree with their point of view, actually took the real jab, and it messed with their heads.


What’s next? Gas chambers for the unvaxxed


I have an idea…why not put YELLOW STARS or tattoos on us!? ;(


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