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Letter to Jeff Sessions Signed by EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of the House Judiciary Committee [VIDEO]

Liberals aren’t afraid of asking for special privileges and immediately after complaining when everyone else is granted the same privileges. In fact, they are notorious for this type of childish behavior. They want safe spaces and freedom of religion. When you demand safe spaces after a liberal’s angry outbursts they will claim that you are being hypocritical and trying to restrict their freedom of speech. If you give a liberal freedom of religion they will complain when a Christian has freedom of religion, because apparently freedom of religion is only important for those whose religion says that it’s okay to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when Democrats pitch a fit after Republicans use the same approach that they have in the past. What makes it okay for a Liberal to cheat their way to the top, but unjust when a Republican does the same thing? Well, Republicans are sick and tired of playing by different rules, so just like Democrats, they are now calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the 2016 elections.

Republicans are rallying to investigate Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch.

Breitbart has reported:

Republicans of the House Judiciary Committee drafted a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Thursday, asking them to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the 2016 elections.

Unlike the current special counsel assigned to investigate matters surrounding the election, Robert Mueller, the letter calls for an investigation into the “actions taken by previously public figures like Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

It is important to remember a couple of key points here. Every Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee made the decision to sign the letter that was addressed to Jeff Sessions. The second important point that we must make is about the specific points that the Committee is hoping to investigate. The House Judiciary Committee’s letter explained that there were 14 detailed legally prosecutable offenses. All 14 offenses were committed by Clinton, Comey, and Lynch. They are building a strong case with the 14 offenses. If a few of the charges don’t pull through, there are still multiple things to pin on the Dems.

Let’s all hope that Jeff Sessions listens this time, because the Republicans aren’t messing around, and this investigation WILL lead to convictions.

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