Watch Tucker Carlson React as Piers Morgan Says Left Should Show Trump More Respect

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Notice none of the liberal entertainers from the “Apprentice” have come out in protest? Perhaps they know something the rest don’t know.

As a former CNN show host and “Celebrity Apprentice” winner, it is safe to say that Morgan Piers knows the real Donald and is in a unique position to weigh in on Trump’s war with the mainstream media. Tucker Carlson welcomed him on his show the other night, and was completely SHOCKED at what came out of his mouth.

You’re going to want to see this!

VIA| As a former CNN show host and “Celebrity Apprentice” winner, Morgan is in a unique position to weigh in on Trump’s war with the mainstream media and an “antagonistic CNN.”

When asked if he was “shocked” by WikiLeaks’s reveal of CNN’s connection with the Democratic Party, Morgan said:

“I was really. I don’t know how directly involved CNN was but I do know what happened with Donna Brazile and some of the other characters involved stank, quite frankly.”

Morgan called Trump’s problems with the mainstream media a “two-way street.” He conceded that when it comes to his belief that the media is dishonest and disrespectful, the president has a point. He told Carlson:

“Some of them were in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Their candidate didn’t win and now they’re utterly determined to bring the Trump Presidency crashing down.”

Carlson then highlighted four examples of CNN’s direct coordination with the Democrats:

  • Donna Brazile gave Clinton debate questions ahead of time
  • DNC research director was consulted by CNN for questions to ask Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)
  • A Clinton staffer implied that the politics producer at CNN was a “friend and an ally.”
  • Chief political analyst at CNN emailed John Podesta and said, “you’re a TV star, I’m in GOP hell.”

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