Left Enraged Over Fetal Personhood

Tennesse General Assembly has passed a bill that designates a fetus is a person, and the left is miserable about it.

“There is no cause of action for wrongful birth on behalf of any person based on a claim that, but for an act or omission of the defendant, a person once conceived would not or should not have been born,” reads TN bill SB1370.

Tennessee Star reported:

According to a bill passed Thursday by the Tennessee General Assembly, the unborn are people at the moment of conception. This was accomplished through changes to civil law by extending wrongful death liability for the unborn all the way to conception. In effect, this legislation confers personhood the moment an egg is fertilized.

The legal change in the civil definition of personhood wasn’t presented in the caption text. It was mentioned once in a single sentence under the bill’s summary. Additionally, the name given to the bill by the sponsors – the “Prenatal Life and Liberty Act” – wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the bill’s language, caption text, or summary.

Under current Tennessee law, someone who murders a woman and her unborn child may be charged with double homicide. In civil court, however, an individual may only be sued for the woman’s death – not an unborn child preceding viability outside the womb. This bill would allow the civil definition of human victims to mirror the definition of a human being in criminal law.

The bill also prevents any child or parent from filing civil causes of action against doctors for not disclosing certain conditions that may have influenced an abortion decision. Those actions are legally referred to as “wrongful life” and “wrongful birth,” respectively.

Opponents on the left are in full gear to oppose a similar bill in Arizona. Reactions to Governor Ducey, who posted briefly about the sanctity of life and the protection of innocent babies, something the left absolutely rejects.

The left is opposed to the idea of personhood.  According to a website dedicated to the Personhood movement, it has been a real fight in the government to define who a person is under civil law.



U.S. Supreme Court decides Roe v. Wade, making abortion legal in all 50 states. But in his majority opinion, Justice Harry Blackmun notes, “If this suggestion of personhood is established, [Roe’s] case, of course, collapses, for the fetus’ right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the [14th] Amendment.” A week later, a Maryland congressman proposes a Human Life Amendment — the first of more than 330 versions proposed or introduced over the next four decades.

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The election of Ronald Reagan and a GOP Senate with many new pro-life members raises hopes among abortion opponents for passage of a constitutional amendment.


The Senate holds its first — and only — floor vote on a Human Life Amendment. The measure fails by a wide margin, and personhood proponents shift to a strategy of changing laws at the state level.


Minnesota becomes the first state to pass a “fetal homicide” law, followed quickly by North Dakota. By 2014, 38 states have similar statutes.


A Florida mother named Jennifer Johnson becomes the first known American woman to be convicted of delivering drugs to her baby through the umbilical cord. The conviction, obtained under a statute meant for drug traffickers, is later unanimously overturned.


In Whitner v. South Carolina, the South Carolina Supreme Court rules that pregnant women who endanger their viable fetuses — specifically by using illegal drugs — may be prosecuted under state child abuse laws. The ruling is the first (and until 2013, the only) by a state high court allowing the criminal prosecution of pregnant drug abusers for endangering their unborn children.


In Ferguson v. City of Charleston, the U.S. Supreme Court says a state hospital’s rule requiring pregnant women to be tested for drugs and positive results to be reported to police violates the 4th Amendment. But the ruling is narrowly tailored, and by 2014, drug-testing of pregnant women and newborns is common in many states.

Arizona becomes the first state to grant birth certificates for stillborn babies. The so-called Missing Angels movement takes off, and by 2014, more than 30 states have similar laws.


Congress passes the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, the first federal law making it a crime to harm or kill a fetus during an act of violence against the mother. UWVA only covers federal crimes, and its passage triggers a new wave of similar laws at the state level.


Kristi Burton, a homeschooled college student in Colorado, almost singlehandedly gets Amendment 48, a ground-breaking measure that defines a constitutionally protected person as “any human being from the moment of fertilization,” onto the state ballot. Voters reject the measure by 3 to 1, but the group Personhood USA is born, and a new, more militant personhood movement emerges.

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Mississippi personhood proponents succeed in getting Initiative 26, which would amend the state constitution to grant full legal rights to fertilized eggs, on the November ballot. Eight weeks before the election, the measure seems sure to pass. But after doctors and abortion-rights groups mount a campaign arguing that the measure would have far-reaching effects on birth control, in vitro fertilization, and a doctor’s ability to provide care for pregnant women, voters reject the initiative by a wide margin.


A unanimous Oklahoma Supreme Court throws out a ballot measure that would have given embryos full personhood rights, ruling it “clearly unconstitutional” because it would ban abortion. The U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear an appeal, and the voters never get a chance to weigh in.


In Ex Parte Ankrom and Kimbrough, the Alabama Supreme Court rules that the state’s chemical endangerment law, written to protect children from dangerous meth labs, can be used to prosecute women who use drugs during pregnancy. Personhood USA hails the ruling as “the most important affirmation of the personhood of the pre-born child since [Roe].”


North Dakota lawmakers become the first in the U.S. to pass a personhood amendment. But the measure — which would alter the state constitution to say, “The inalienable right to life of every human being at any stage of development must be recognized and protected”—must be ratified by voters.


Tennessee becomes the first state to enact a law specifically allowing prosecution of pregnant women who use drugs. The criminal assault statute carries penalties of up to 15 years in prison.

The National Personhood Alliance, an offshoot of Georgia Right to Life, announces its formation. The group describes itself as “Christ-centered” and “biblically informed… dedicated to the non-violent advancement of the recognition and protection of the God-given, inalienable right to life of all innocent human beings as legal persons at every stage of their biological development.”

Personhood politics play a big role in the November elections. North Dakotans weigh Measure 1, the proposed amendment approved in 2013. In Colorado, Amendment 67, aka Brady’s Law, seeks to amend the state constitution to include unborn human beings under the definition of “person” and “child” throughout the state’s criminal code and is a key issue in the race for the U.S. Senate.

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I have realized all those who are in favor of abortion have already been born.

-Ronald Reagan-


Thank you for giving the detailed steps of the laws for the protection of the unborn. The protection of the unborn should be taught in school so the young persons would develop strategies to avoid hurting the unborn and act responsibly making their sexual relationships, human relationships, not just irresponsible games.


FINALLY! The legal recognition that: the unborn is conceived in an inherent process, has a individual chromosomal code distinctly unique from father and mother, and is therefore enfranchised in identity as an individual. The New World Order genocide agenda is set on its ear.

Al Barrs

It’s refreshing and good to see Left-wing corrupt communist/ Democrats enraged over fetal person-hood.

Let me ask a question. The Supreme Court of 1974 used the Civil War Reconstruction Era 14th Amendment passed to give former American slaves some right, but they didn’t give them the right of sufferage to vote in Federal elecions. That only came in the 15th Amendment. to give females the exclusive right to decide if her child lives or dies… What right does the male have in the life of a child he supplies his sperm to create? Essentially males have no say or choice which child lives or dies…only females have. Isn’t that unconstitutional because individual U.S. citizens are not given equal rights?

Before 1974 State Governments dealt with all abortion cases because there is NO delegated Power given to the U.S. Government to even accept an abortion case because there is NOTHING in our Constitution addressing Governments power to decide abortion cases…

Folks the National Government is taking all of we citizen’s Rights and Powers for themselves, which they know will eventually make them rulers of the U.S.A. nation! Chief Justice Roberts has shown his colors and is set on ruling we the people as a suppressive and tyrannical monarchical king.

Anony Mous

Hey, Lefties! If a baby’s life, whether in or out of the womb can be considered as something to dismiss without consequence, perhaps we should make that belief into law.
That way when someone decides to use you as a pincushion, an obstacle in their path while driving, or merely for weekend ‘target practice’ as in an archery butt, there will be no criminal charges because you’re ‘not worthy’ of lawful consideration.
So, go for it.
And may be that it comes around on you. Like above.

Ted R. Weiland

Just think: Had the constitutional framers (like their early 1600 predecessors) established government and society upon the Bible’s unchanging moral law (including Exodus 20:13, 21:22-23, & Deuteronomy 27:25), no one would have ever heard of Roe v. Wade, Planned Parenthood wouldn’t exist, and millions of infants slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs would have lived to see the light of day.

For more on how the Bible’s triune and integral moral law (the Ten Commandments and their respective statutes and judgments apply and should be implemented as the law of the land. see free online book “Law & Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Go to our Online Books page and scroll down to title.

At the same location, see also “A Biblical Constitution: A Scriptural Replacement for Secular Government.”

Ted R. Weiland

Abortion is not always an act of violence. In fact, sometimes it delivers a live baby, and I’m not talking about those that survive a botched attempt to murder them.
The battle against this atrocity begins with identifying it correctly. By calling it “abortion,” we’ve already acquiesced to the opposition’s terminology. Look up “abortion” and “miscarriage” in any dictionary. A miscarriage is an abortion. In fact, term babies qualify as abortions. Why? Because they were aborted from their mothers’ wombs by natural means, as God designed.
What doctors (and parents) do to infants in the womb is in utero fanticide. Had Roe v. Wade been waged over infanticide rather than abortion, it would have never made it to the court room. In fact, by employing the word “abortion,” Roe v. Wade was won before it ever got to court.
The Greek word “brephos” employed in the New Testament for infants already born is the same word used for infants in the womb (Luke 2:12 and Luke 1:41), without specifying the precise moment they became a “brephos.” Therefore, our only option is to then accept that they became such at conception. Thus, intentionally killing a brephos at any point is “brephocide” or, more properly, infanticide.
 The same is true for one of the Hebrew words translated “child.”
The point being, we Christians need to stop using the non-Christians’ watered-down, politically correct terms such as “abortion” and “gay.” It’s infanticide and sodomy. There is no power in the former terms against evil and our first mistake is in acquiescing to the ungodly’s terminology.
Listen to Part 1 of “Word Wars & Captive Thoughts” at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Go to our Audio Messages page and scroll down to T 849.

Robert Pegram

The timeline omits the governor of California who set a precedent when he sihned a bill legalizing abortion in 1966: Ronald Reagan. He talked well, but not much action.

Mark Gravitte

How about keeping your legs together and your clothes on and this shit won’t happen. Stop aborting God’s greatest gift to mankind, the babies. Personal responsibility goes a long way in helping folks make a good decision.

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