Latest Twitter Files Revealed FBI Squashed Hunter Laptop Story With No Evidence

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If the recent information from the Twitter Files by Michael Shellenberger is confirmed, the FBI did not just target political discourse on social media sites during a presidential election.

The documents made public today imply that the FBI intervened to prevent the publication of an accurate news story even before it was written – without any concrete proof that it was a product of an intelligence operation.

Congress needs to ask why the FBI is involved in these transactions in the first place. The FISA statutes make it clear that the FBI needs to have probable cause in order to get a warrant to surveil domestic communications, but nothing in those statutes allows the FBI to censor them.

This intervention is an unconstitutional infringement on free speech and is essentially Big Brotheresque in its implications, as it has the potential to restrict peoples speech by creating a chilling effect. The government should not be interfering in public speech in this manner; they could have merely suggested that people ignore a certain story line if evidence showed it to be a product of a disinformation campaign.

The FBI didn’t depend on warnings to the general population. In the end, they attempted doing this covertly and on the basis of nothing at all:

Later it was revealed that there was a test run before The New York Post released their story. Remember, the laptop repairman attempted to hand the greasy evidence over to the FBI first!

The FBI‘s actions in this situation raise questions about the extent of their authority. The Constitution and federal statute do not provide clear guidance on the FBI‘s ability to censor domestic communications. Furthermore, it is concerning that news organizations were willing to cooperate with the FBI in suppressing information from the public. It appears that the FBI was able to use the Hunter Bidentest case for its own agenda and that Twitter was used as a proxy to carry out the censorship of the story.

Did the New York Times, Washington Post, and Facebook collaborate on censorship with the FBI using similar techniques? Why did these “news” organizations wait until now to reveal their linkages to FBI oversight of their news output?




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